Roll On : Tranquility in nature.

Feb 7, 2014


i'm so in love with my new blog themes. it looks cool right? simple and clean, just the way i like it! i also put on new part on my sidebar telling latest movie i got my hands on. not really the latest  one though. and i put the actor's picture. the one that i like of course. 


so, i want to talk about tranquility. this morning, we went out fishing. me, walid, angah and nadia. we didn't use fishing rods though. instead we use techniques somewhat like squid jigging but with only one fishhook. 

The nature was exquisite and calming. it was 7.30 am when we were out in the sea and the fog was just misteriously beautiful and then this one little thought came crossed into my mind.

How is it Allah swt creates us to find a peace of mind in the nature but yet making it such a valuable resources that with greed will cause it to be into extinct. This peace of mind is the one thing that human really looking for.

i love nature so much yet help so little to maintain it. being out fishing, just the sea breeze, and the wave, was so calming. that is why walid love it so much. he would went out into the sea and sleep first before starts fishing!

i realize that this is how Allah wanted to test us. He makes us wanting the wealth from the nature yet making us depends on it for life. 

Is it about making the right choice?
Is it about to create a better life?
Is it about greed?
Is it about self control?
Is it about adjusting the right balance? 
Is it about responsibilities to the nature?

 human we think to short sometimes. we can't see the bigger picture. that is the main problem. we keep telling ourselves that only one person who changed wouldnt be enough and it is a waste as everybody else is doing it.

but actually, that is the beauty of Islam. Allah swt wouldn't careless about how much changes you can bring. It's about how YOU would change for the better.

awesome right?