Eating Manjung: Kopee Paste Cafe

Jul 30, 2017

This is my favourite cafe in Manjung and I only write about it now because usually, I have such a great time chatting that I just don't bother to take any picture. Last Wednesday, we went there again to celebrate Nabila's birthday and it was so chill since it is a work day so I thought some quick pictures won't do any harm. Not to mention that they finally have a decent menu booklet.

Kopee Paste literally got it all - cool deco, nice ambience, delicious food, warm service, affordable price and a variety of food choices. I totally dig their painting of Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe at the side of their cafe. Furthermore, they even do regular offers so that you always feel intrigued to go there. To get updated just follow their Instagram account or Facebook page. They do offer during all major event which even includes Teachers Day, Nurse Day and even give free food to SPM straight A's students.

They even have a promotion now and for no reasons. They just freaking do.

I have eaten their chicken chop, sloppy joe, lamb chop, nachos, hipster burger and I can't recall anymore but the point is each of it tasted good and it is simply money well spent. Since it is a cafe, the ambience is so chill for having a catch up with friends or just to hang out thus making the money feel even better spent. The only problem is if you guys come during any of their promotion, or during the weekend/public holiday or worst - both,  then it will be so crowded. Cheap good food = crowded place, rocket science guys.

Basically, if you still didn't understand - this is just a great cafe to hang out and have some good foods. There are more places to try so my opinions may change but I doubted it very much since some of the places I have tried wasn't really good (the food mainly) so I didn't write about it. I'm just so sweet liddat. 

Let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

That mini pitcher actually holds quite a lot of drink - I should just share it.

Their spaghetti aglio olio - they even got oyster.

Luscious and messy sloppy joe - so good.


Loving the presentation so much
Lamb chop - add RM2 and you'll get a plain friend rice. THE MEAT IS SO BIG AM SO HAPPYYY.
The previous menus were clipboards and white A4 paper like whyyyy.
Imagine how happy I am seeing this new menu.

Just those cheap ones okay, don't be expecting a double shot espresso anywhere. 
Zeeper is a local carbonated drink. Isn't it cool how they support local products.


  1. Oh my food, aglio olio! ..yummy yummy ...yum yum...