Eating Manjung: Lumut Sea Port

Jul 9, 2017

The other day, well, it was more like months ago, we found out that there is a new restaurant opened at Lumut. Specifically by the sea near that battleship which got turned into a museum. If you are from here you would know that the place is just one of the best place around Lumut to eat. It features good view and has such a chilling atmosphere. The restaurant concept was all chic and hipster like most new restaurants that opened here in Manjung which means more food choices instead of the regular rice and tom yam. So guys, let me tell you about Lumut Sea Port!
Click HERE to visit their Instagram account
Since we totally went there unplanned, I didn't really thought of ordering something special except for some personal dishes for each of us. We were initially thinking to get fried rice or something at the other restaurant there which was apparently closed! I was so hungry and after we ate then I thought I should order other things lahhh. Anyway, it is near here and I will totally went there again so next time I'll be sure to order something fun. Fun? It was because they actually feature some good menus featuring seafood! It was quite cheap too.
I almost wasn't going to take a picture because I was so hungry. That is why the poor and a little bit blurry picture LOL.
This is dry chili chicken. Sho good.
 I was so excited and it is just so refreshing to see some new menus. The rice choices were easily my favourite since I love plain rice with simple yet vibrantly tasteful dish. Nabila and Natrah however was not too hungry so they order some small snacks. There got plenty of those too. I LOVE SNACKS.

Some chicken wings and some cheese fondue and just lotta love.
Another exciting thing they have is their mocktails! I ordered mojito and it is good! Quite expensive and I guess the extra bits was the cause of it. Maybe it was those fancy syrup or liquer stuff. I don't know what it is but I am loving it.
My lovely mojito and yup that is a lemongrass I kid you not it still taste so good. The fancy glass tho!
If you want to see more just visit their Instagram account or go through #LumutSeaPort. Here I have the menu so that you can plan your dinner.

The platter are so cheap!
Click HERE to visit their Instagram account
I didn't have the chance to took much pictures of the place but if you go through their Instagram account or those hashtag you would see they have some great decor especially for people who want to hang out. Totally a great choice for meeting your friend and just having a blast of a time.


  1. Arghhh~ nampak sedappppp... dah lah Blogwalking memalam nie berkeroncong pulak perut Nadia =)

  2. wow presentation makanan2 dia gempak2.. menarik ni mana tahu tersesat kat lumut hehe..

  3. Dekat dengan Manjung Power Plant ke?

  4. Tak pernah ke Lumut lagi tp ada perancangan utk ke sana. Boleh masuk dalam list restoran ni.

    1. mohon keep updated with my post sebab ingat nak share benda-benda kena buat kalau pegi Lumut. tapi entah bilaaaaa.

  5. Replies
    1. the funny thing is, our stomach most likely gonna send signal to make us feel hungry even only by the sight of food. kejam kan?

  6. woww..semua nampak sedap buat diri rasa lapar sangat ni.btw singgah sini

  7. wahh... nanti pergi lumut, nak try la makan kat sini.. tengok gambar nampak sedap jee...

  8. sedapyaaa chicken wings tuuu. hehe