BMPIL Writing Challenge - What's In My Bag and In My Car

Jan 27, 2022


There is about one week left of my resignation notice and now I'm back into the tiresome hassle of finding a new place. Also, I need to change my brake pad and go to my Dr. Ko monthly check-up which I have put away for weeks now. I really, really, don't feel like doing anything these days especially since I usually spend the weekend at home and the rush to work on Monday and then simply wither away due to the fact that I haven't been eating on time and I'm only either at work, sleeping or on my phone. I even uninstall Instagram just to maybe, kinda, cut off my screen time a bit. 

Anyway, I went for a walk this morning and did some cleaning around the house. That feels productive even tho I really do have to go to Dr. Ko as soon as possible but we're going to push that aside (again) and write a little cause I feel that this good feeling will go to waste if I don't write.

What's in my bag?

I have four bags that I rotated the usage with varying sizes but in general, there are on the small side. I usually change it every few weeks or so. All of them are black save for one which is in beige color only because it is a farewell gift from my previous work. They wanted to see me in other than black #lol.

I only buy black because it goes with everything especially since I will carry that one handbag everywhere. I opted for small bags because I hate how messy it gets when I simply chuck in everything when I use a bigger one. Actually, one of the bags is bigger and I tried my best to steer away from it. In a matter of fact, I just changed the bigger handbag yesterday to a small one because it gets messy and it annoys me. I'm planning to just ruin that big handbag which excuses me to buy a new one but then I hate if I don't have the option of a bigger handbag when I needed it. 

It's mostly useful to put my telekung if we went to a mall or something since there's no free telekung available due to Covid-19.

Since it is small, there's nothing much in it saves for the essentials - purse, lip balm, hand cream, mask extension, and my keys.

Other important things like masks and hand sanitizer are stashed in my car. I never carry tissues. Sometimes, there's random medicine in it. Usually Accutane, painkillers or something for my allergies. 

If I use the bigger ones, there will be a lot of random stuff. It is still in there because I was too lazy to empty it yesterday. 

That's it for today. No handbag picture though because I'm too lazy.