Roll On: The Route of MRT and LRT (Malaysia)

Jul 31, 2017

This is merely me, sharing my own personal research since I got so confused about these two and because I use it - sometimes.

LRT stands for light rail transit. On the other hand,  MRT stands for mass rapid transit. The thing that got me so confused is their route. Apparently, I got confused due to LRT extension work and the newly developed MRT. I thought that the new stations for LRT were the MRT. There are totally different!

As I have alway know, LRT consist of Ampang Line and Kelana Jaya Line and have just finished extending their route last year. The old route for Kelana Jaya Line means from Gombak Station until Kelana Jaya Station while the old route for Ampang Line means from Ampang Station and breaks and Chan Sow Lin station where one of it go to Sentul Timur Station and the other one go to Sri Petaling Station. The best thing is after the extension work finished, both Ampang Line and Kelana Jaya Line is connected via Putra Heights Station. 

On the contrary, MRT is a new route made from Sungai Buloh station until Kajang Station. Both works for developing MRT and extending LRT was done in the same time so pardon my befuddled judgement.

In conclusion, I just wanna say it is easy for me to hang out at Kuala Lumpur if I go and visit my relatives in Puchong due to the *extended* LRT route. MRT route won't be much needed for me. Lulz.

Funnily, as I always find this image to help me plan my journey - I have never found the one who says "Yes, MRT line is now good to go". Until last two weeks when I actually saw Sungai Buloh Station up and running and just literally at awe. I was having some hard time locating this picture too!

Pro tips - go to and choose "Plan Your Journey" so that you know which train to take and most importantly how much it gonna cost you. 

More pro tips - if you rarely went there but you didn't want the hassle of queuing and buying tokens, just use your MyKad as Touch N Go. It is easier since Touch N Go can also be used on KTM and if I'm not mistaken - it is cheaper by 10 or 20 cents than using tokens.

By the way, I just realized it too that LRT and MRT was a project of Ministry of Finance - they were owned by the Malaysian government. Of course, it is lah kannnn. It's the freaking public transport. 

Eating Manjung: Kopee Paste Cafe

Jul 30, 2017

This is my favourite cafe in Manjung and I only write about it now because usually, I have such a great time chatting that I just don't bother to take any picture. Last Wednesday, we went there again to celebrate Nabila's birthday and it was so chill since it is a work day so I thought some quick pictures won't do any harm. Not to mention that they finally have a decent menu booklet.

I have been preaching Aiken so hard.

I have told you guys about how Aiken helps since I have a sensitive skin (HERE) and how awesome their moisturiser is (HERE) - but I save the best for the last. Their amazing products which help greatly to reduce and even heal my acne.

but I won't lie how it still makes me super conscious at times.

Roll On: 11 Things To Do Around Bandar Baru Seri Manjung

Jul 27, 2017

I want this to be short but I just love to tell stories. Please bear with me.

Manjung is a district while I, on the other hand, lives in Bandar Baru Seri Manjung, simply a city in this district (sometimes also spelt Sri Manjung, Seri Manjong, Sri Manjong etc, you got the idea). But, being a people here we usually just say "Manjung" and that makes outsiders a little bit confused when the news say Manjung is flooding and some of my friends were asking and I was like - we never had any flood.

It was other places like Pengkalan Baharu and Beruas - I guess.

Featured Blogger: Sayidah Napisah

Jul 23, 2017

This is a post for my last contest which is actually the prize - to be a featured blogger. What I'll do is that I will stalk the blogger and learn what her blog is all about. This one right here is a big hit! She just hit her four million page views!


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Poem: Ghosts

Jul 20, 2017

I told the stars they were so bright
Lovely so accompany me in the night
The contrast are jokes
I was made to be in this dark
Laid me down with the pale moonlight
I melt into the sand
Seeping between grains 
Ignorantly hoping for the lost treasures buried among pirates bones
Ignorantly wanting what nothing can offers me tonight

These waves soothes no soul at run
It calms me for awhile
The undying commitment for the shore
Reassuringly repetiting loyally
Hypnotizing me to let go of my restless soul
Does the pirates longed to be drugged by these waves?

It calms me for awhile
I was everywhere
Seeping into vapours into the night sky meeting the stars
Can you let me be here and just let me out at night when I know everyone won't notice 
Living in limbo
Staying in oblivion
In between dreams
Brightly livid

The ghosts shook me up
Putting back pieces of me
I was doomed to never rest

This is by far an exhaustive list. It was just a list of those that have joined my little contest and I just wanted to thank you guys so much for being a good sport and joining it.

I am a Twitter kind of person so this list is pretty exciting for me. 

There are more that I have followed of course but for now, I'm dedicating this to all that joined my contest.

This is an actual scene - I KID YOU NOT.

Roll On: A Retweet Kind of Contest by @afifahaddnan ENDED!

Jul 18, 2017

So I have this contest idea brewing in my mind for quite some time. This is also the easiest contest ever and also, of course, the easiest gift as well (imma cheapskate)


Jul 13, 2017

This is a segment and usually, I don't do segment. It might be due to tedious rules (too many sponsors) and because I kept my list of followed blogs just the ones that I genuinely want to follow. I like Mrs Pip blog so here I am.

Don't forget to join my own CONTEST as well.

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Eating Manjung: Lumut Sea Port

Jul 9, 2017

My tittle is so long. Oops. It is T-I-T-L-E and I have been spelling it wrong for ages now.

Anyway. Happy Eidulfitri everyone! 

How I miss this blog! But this gonna be some quick update that I have to do as soon as possible so no dilly dally!