Roll On: A Cultural Coffee Tale from afifahaddnan

Aug 25, 2017

I am a sucker for caffeine

I am a sucker for cute Kopitiam

I am raised with that cute small white coffee cup with creamy coffee

This gonna be me, fangirling, over my favourite local coffee.

please bear with me.


Ok, you see, I love coffee (did everyone gets that?) but even though the Western's cappuccino and latte are good, I will always glorifies Malaysian kopi - be it black with sugars or creamy with condensed milk. 

Roll On: Good Practice To Do When You Meet a Doctor (Malaysia)

Aug 23, 2017

This is supposed to be What Malaysians Should Do When They Got Sick (Part Two) however, I managed to do a specific theme on this so I just rename it to Good Practice To Do When You Meet a Doctor (Malaysia). You see, the contents of my first post seemed a bit all over the place. I have a lot of things to tell but I don't really have a good way to make it seems more structured. It was like I'm just pouring out words after words. However, this time I got it structured better hence the title.


Roll On: Boring Stuffs I Bought with My RM150 Lazada Voucher

Aug 19, 2017


In case you guys didn't know, I won an RM150 Lazada Voucher for that Ramadhan Raya Blogger Contest. It was such an amazing feeling and not only that, it was initially an RM100 voucher but when I have submitted my details they sent me the voucher code saying that "oh we changed our mind, have an extra RM50" like what!!!???


So for today, I'm gonna share you guys what I have bought. I'm not kidding you guys though. It was boring stuff. I was focusing on getting things I need that I thought I don't really need this but still, it's gonna be somewhat useful so I have an extra RM150 so why not?

Warning - this gonna involves lots of pictures. I want that you guys could compare the images of the advertisement and the actual thing, so I put both pictures.

#1 RM30 Umobile Topup

I told you I was boring. The freaking mobile top-up was on my top list. You see, I'm just working part time as a private tutor so I gotta have my essentials all fix first. I am using a postpaid account but Umobile allowed the bills to be paid by a simple credit top-up. Easy huh? Got easier as Lazada now sells top-up with no extra charge too! I get the top-up about one or two hours afterwards. Actually, there is a discount for mobile top-up this August, go grab it!

#2 Face Brush

It gets duller with a face brush. I used to have an automatic face brush but it got broken and I thought to give this kind of brush a try. The automatic face brush makes my face feels so clean but although it wasn't that big, it still feels bulky to me. This one is just so cutely small but since I'm using Cetaphil now so it didn't get all foamy yet the soft bristles feel so good.

#3 Vietnam Mask

This mask is just da-bomb and I am boring. Anyway, I am loving this so much and it gets so satisfying once you peel it off. This cost around RM10 here so buying it online was cheaper. Actually, I bought this before and it was spilt by my sisters. I keep this one so well so that the same mistakes won't repeat itself.

#5 Grammar Books

I bought a grammar book, I won the dullest person alive award. 

Apart from tutoring kids, I was also interested to get my grammar on point since I want to write better both in my blog and my poems. I couldn't find any grammar books suitable for me around here and finally, settles for this. It is such a good book too and it was tailored for Malaysian students. I wanted to add this in my Goodreads challenge as well but the publisher didn't have it on Goodreads. So I added it myself. Hee.

#6 Hanging storage

My dull got better as now I have a makcik's dull. I need some storage space that I can simply stash things into it. Here is my solution. I thought it was posted from somewhere in Malaysia. It is not. I bought some silly foldable storage and had it delivered from China guys. I'm hopeless.

#7 Some hand cream

I was contemplating on the idea to have a small hand cream or lotion to carry around since my dry hands are just super annoying. Since lotion hasn't work that well I choose this one. I always loved Nivea deodorant and it got that anti ageing stuff going on and............................ it's cheap. There I said it. It works wonderfully so I guess jackpot?

#8 Chic sandals

I know I said boring but this one gonna be my little joy. The collection of sandals from China is just so beautiful and I thought that I should grab this chance to get one. Going through all kind of design and colour and prices, I finally choose this one. It was not until all have been paid up that I realize it was the wrong size. I can change or return it since it was a voucher which means I would not get anything back. So Nabila got a new sandal now. Yay. By the way, the postage fee has to be paid yourself. Vouchers didn't cover that. Now you know it.

they stiched it at the side and it looks good for me + so secured too. it adds up an inch to Nabila lol.
the sole is so comfortable.

#8 Wireless earphone

I think I have a weird fetish for earphone and headphone. I always have to have something good. I have a big headphone which sounds so good but well big, I needed something I can go around with and not stuck to anything (read as ugly dancing freely). I guess it is time too since my last earphone went missing. That just how it goes with seven siblings. However, this is so cheap like WTH. It works well and the sound is good too. It is currently all compatible with my sisters Huawei and my brothers Lenovo and of course my Xiaomi.

So, let's be frank, am I dull?

Roll On: My Insecurities in Blogging

Aug 14, 2017

This is a cry for help. 

Yes, fellas, you have read that right. I know I have been updating the blog so religiously this August but seriously, I never thought it's now making me feel like this. Like I am being a horrible blogger instead. This feels so horrible.


Roll On: Our Trip to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

Aug 11, 2017

That peak was on Level 8 of Berjaya Time Square building. The scenery was amazing!

About a week into Syawal, we went here to have a short "vacation" since we didn't manage to get anywhere this holiday around. You see, both of my brothers study in those private schools specialize in memorizing Al Quran and stuff, so the only time everyone is in the house is around Syawal. At first, Nabila bugs us to go to a fun fair here (which is oddly still here until now) but I told her the games were too expensive and it was cheaper to just go to Berjaya Times Square.

Roll On: What Malaysian Should Do When The Got Sick (Part One)

Aug 10, 2017

More writings on pharmacy! Yay!!

Ok, yada yada, I'm a graduate of Pharmacy in UKM, yada yada, let's talk health.

These are few notes for you guys to practice when you got sick later and I only put the word "Malaysian" since I wrote this based on my limited experience with Malaysian compared to what I have learned in UKM. Apart from that, it is also because there are few things that I think Malaysian may not know that they need to take extra attention. My writing is just so long because I love you guys and I really really want to share these important things. So I have to do this in parts.

Oh my gawd that is so confusing. I don't have any good idea for opening so let's just gets to it.


Roll On: Malaysian Reading Behaviours

Aug 9, 2017

I have done few types of polls during my curatorship for @twt_buku

I know, that curator thing had passed like a million years ago but I have put this as list-of-topics-i-will-blog-about so I just have to still do this. I hope you guys can benefit from this. These are merely my curiosity.

You see, I'm not really a reader and the first time that the idea of reading lots of books come to my knowledge is when we were in high school. Everyone reads those cheesy love novels by Alaf 21 and for me, that's no reading. Upon entering university I learned that there are actually plenty of books to be read and even though it is exciting I learned another new thing also - I don't really enjoy all books. Yet, even so-called "universities student" we didn't really spend much time reading. We watched lots of movies though.

Books are wonderful. A lot of exciting new things and adventure. An escape. An answer. A whole new world. From there on I try to keep challenging myself to read or at least find more books that I think I will like. Wattpad and fan fiction has been wonders as well.

Excuse me, sir, what you're doing with your lips is so unnecessary.

Roll On: Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

Aug 7, 2017

I only join a giveaway or segment of bloggers that I truly want to follow (get updates). Here is one of it and it is not because Lawak Kampus is the best.

Come on, she even made it in HTML codes so I just paste it like heck yeah this is the next level of making life easier.

Just a quick reminder - submit your blog's link at my Awesomeness Ultimate Blog-list and help me improve my blog by rating me HERE.


Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious
Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

Senarai Hadiah Giveaway Preloved Comic By Elsaalicious

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Okay Bismillah. Klik banner untuk join
The other day I read this post and thought that I feel cringy but it really isn't about cringy. It's like part annoying but I was really annoyed. The point is I can't find words to describe what I feel. Then I remembered that the other day (before that day, of course, stay with me) I wanted to learn words to describes different kind of feelings and moods. 

I'm also thinking to have a discussion with this Year 6 students that I am tutoring about different kind of feelings. It will help for her to write more since she needs to write based on pictures. I trained her by questioning things in the picture and one of it includes to identify the facial expression and understanding what the person in the picture is feeling.


Roll On: Rate My Blogging Skill

Aug 5, 2017

I guess the title is kinda self-explanatory. I hope this will help me to improve my blog and overall just becoming better.

Here's a poll for you!

For those who have answered - I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


Roll On: Amalina 17A1 Shares Her Study Tips @twt_malaysia

Aug 4, 2017

I can't remember when but did you guys get that hype about Amalina wearing tights in skin colour and it looked as if she didn't wear any pants? That got me get back in touch with Amalina and regardless of her choice of attire - she didn't deserve such a negative backlash from Malaysians. Anyway, guess what, this amazing girl is now pursuing her training to become a surgeon in London. Not only that she is going to train to become a breast oncoplastic consultant surgeon. Idolaaaaaaaaaa.

Introducing Charlie - my idolaaaa in Supernatural.

Roll On: About Being Angry

Aug 3, 2017

I was becoming too angry for things now. I mean it is normal to feel pissed but I hate how sometimes I was so taken by it. Sometimes when I got alone and still so angry, I have to swear, complete with teeth gritting and veins bulging drama. Almost instantly, I will feel so disappointed and afraid with myself.

I don't swear to people guys, yes I say fuck and shit all the time but never with anger towards peoples. That is why I'm getting so paranoid now.


The issue is - the main reason that got me so angry is that the things keep on happening and there is literally nothing I can do about it. I noticed I get into this Hulk mode for the same reason or person while in some other cases I was so chill. The two extremes are what makes me so scared. Am I becoming this person who had unresolved issues stayed within them and slowly rotting me out?

My personal life lately hasn't been the peachiest of all. But that's just life. I'll get over it somehow, sometime. But I can't help feeling so hopeless at times that I just want to start everything over again and just leave this life behind. I feel that I can do so many things but I have been held down here. 

Still, I have achieved so much now and have so many things too precious to just let it go. Bad times are there, hurting, but the good times made it worth fighting for. 

So I have to let go of this Hulk's alter ego that resided within me. I have to make peace with gory things that won't let me be alone. I made a poem about this the other day on my Instagram poetry account. About how pain is not really an enemy. How by accepting it and then still keeping it was just part of life.

Do you have any inner demons to fight today?

I have been more active in blogging since I have graduated from UKM (though that only means around eight to ten posts per month but still) and I was so surprised to see some "don't do this because we didn't really like it" things back then during 2010 are still happening today. I remembered during those time how it is a thing to publish about this topic and some blogger actually comment it directly when they went blogwalking.

Does these "don'ts" bothers me? Some of it really does but I notice that today's blogging community are far more mature and so chill that I don't really mind to keep my eyes close. 

If anyone actually do these, don't be alarmed, it is just an observation. Seven years is a long time. Not only it is interesting to see how the Malaysian blogging community has grown but also to see if it is something we need to do something about.

Here are 5 things 2010's bloggers are told not to do


#1 Songs

Background music is such a taboo thing back then. Some says it was because the sudden song will disturb the surrounding people and for me it just kinda disturbing. Not to mention that I sometime can't find the button to pause it and end up just silent my laptop speaker.

#2 Twinkling cursor

I am an old person. During 2010, is just da bomb. One of it most succesful innovation are those fancy cursor and some even have glitters following it. Cute but can be annoying. Sometime the colors didn't go well with the theme and we end up not seeing it. I remember one time scrolling my cursor mindlessly because I can't see where the cursor is. Then when I do find it I got confused at which end does it click (of course it was the whole cursor but it still get me every time!). I told you I'm an old person.

#3 Rojak or messy language

2010 is the peak of bahasa minah/mat rempit and yes some blogs does write it such way. Fortunately, it didn't went overboard due to some responsible bloggers who publicize how it is hard to understand and will only lower down the said blog traffic. Yet, there are still cases of overuse short forms and the language being too too laid back. As of today, I do saw some bloggers, only a few, who wrote in this laid back manners. Laid back is good, people like it, but not properly writing it just kills the mood for me. That is why I have some fetish for Malaysian bloggers who wrote in English. Since we learned it formally, the writing have professional air around it even though some (reads as me) are struggling to with grammars.

#4 No embedded comments?

Having a 2GB ram laptop really put a toll on me upon visiting these kind of blog. Not to mention, since I have to wait for it to load first, I tend to read other blog in the mean time which had me getting lost on whose comment page is this. It is far easier to just embedded it guyssss. That verification code as well!

#5 Follow me follow you

I have a strict rule to only follow bloggers that interest me. So please don't follow me and expect that I am responsible to follow you back. I used to do that and it made my Reading List so dull and hinders me from properly connects with bloggers that I actually like. I do want to really know more bloggers but I can't do it if I spam my own Reading List. Wait a minute - is this why I don't have many followers?

Having said all of these, I do hope no one takes it seriously like - I don't hate you. What matter is the content. There are plenty of awesome bloggers out there who did this and still receive tonnes of traffic and lots of fans. Just do what makes you happy. If twinkling cursor with fairy dust makes you happy then just do it.