Roll On: A Cultural Coffee Tale from afifahaddnan

Aug 25, 2017

I am a sucker for caffeine

I am a sucker for cute Kopitiam

I am raised with that cute small white coffee cup with creamy coffee

This gonna be me, fangirling, over my favourite local coffee.

please bear with me.


Ok, you see, I love coffee (did everyone gets that?) but even though the Western's cappuccino and latte are good, I will always glorifies Malaysian kopi - be it black with sugars or creamy with condensed milk. 

Initially, the best local brand for me is that Hang Tuah and Che' Nah ones (if anyone knows these brands, you're awesome, I'm awesome, WE'RE AWESOME) until one day I discovered "Old Town White Coffee" and I was like WHY I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER?????

Although it is only a 3 in 1, it is packed with coffee goodness kind of 3 in 1. The creamy and shot of caffeine are just mixed so well. I was head over heels over the iced ones especially when eating at their shop but caffeine alert! If I just have a coffee before, I can't have this or else I'll be bursting with caffeine (read as a headache). It took lots of self-control guys. This brand is also one of the rare occasion where I even like the flavour that wasn't the original. I don't know why I always liked the original ones but this hazelnut nutty goodness is so so good.

is anyone as shocked as me seeing how cheap the coffee is?

how is it so cheap? how???

Later then I learned that this coffee has initially come from kopitiam chains shop and it is such an alien concept for me as my first experience with kopitiam is from this old mamak shop in Beruas with my mamak grandfather. It was from Ipoh too and then everything makes sense. 

Typical Malaysian mixing up Indian and Hokkien culture

That's what so precious about Malaysia - our cultural diversity.

You can't get that kind of cultural diversity anywhere. Yes, there are countries with multicultural nationalities but they usually get lost in trying to assimilate the country's way with their way and usually too minority to properly practice the culture out loud. But not in Malaysia, we have it all, we celebrate it all, together. Every raya (celebrations specifically for a specific race/religion) is everyone's raya and the most important thing about this is the food. THE FOOD.

Nothing beats what Malaysia can offer in term of food guys. The clash of spice from Malay, Chinese and Indian are just amazinggggggggggggg. We took fusion seriously. Give me that Chinese char koey toew Malay's style with a piping steamy teh tarik from a mamak, I am now a happy girl.

As currently (as in today until 31 August), Lazada is having a crazy sale (as in up to 80% special discount kinda crazy) because it is the Independence Month - Lazada take Malaysia's celebration seriously guys! 

Merdeka! Merdeka! SALE!!

By the way, it is just so cool that they choose to promote more local brands, like #iamhomegrown campaign by Fashion Valet. Actually, I wrote a poem for appreciating Independence Day and it won this Instagram contest. What makes it so interesting is that the host wasn't even Malaysian! Yes, I'm proud of myself~[no-sidebar]


  1. woooooooah congratulations! I used to drink coffee a lot but I'm trying to loosen up a bit because I feel like I'm addicted to it lol!

  2. Your blog's new face look amazing! It's so neat and I love it hehe. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but I do love Old Town White Coffee because the creamy taste is so good for me. I haven't try the hazelnut one, I probably should try it :)

    p/s: I would really love to read the Independence Day poem, where can I read it?

  3. Gudluck with the contest..
    Nextime, try kopi tenom, local product from Sabah ☺

  4. Sedappp! Peneman stay up dulu ni. Haha.

  5. New blog layout looks so neat!

    I don't drink coffee but I sort of can understand why people love it. #teamairmasak

  6. congratulations on winning the poem contest!! Ill check it out your poems later.

    Everytime i go to Oldtown, ill order white coffee plus size.