Dec 22, 2012


dear Jihah bebeh~

sorry for not wishing you on your birthday. you left me in ktsn and lets face it, i'm childish sometimes.


oh dear Kak Gee,
thanks for being such a good friend. i once pray to Allah swt that Allah would give me a very good friend that will help me become a better person. and guess what, Allah hears me. 


my jiran geegee,
it is so amazing how i am very comfortable around you.
thanks for giving me a side to sleep in when i'm stressed
thanks for being true to me although i notice you are quite worried that i will be offended
thanks for always be so skema and stuff that makes me feel. OMG. there are such person like this~ [in a good way. of course~]
but overall
thanks for being such an awesome friend
you are easy to make and be friend with
and i have the whole block to prove me i'm right.

and as honouring the most gilang-gemilang day
i am wishing all the best and only the best for your life
i hope you will never give up
i hope you will always be happy
i hope that you will always confident on your abilities 
i hope you will always put all your trust for Allah swt cause Allah never left us.




Dec 19, 2012





#Ya Allah, do keep away me from being stupid


Dec 18, 2012


Today is the first day of my study week. Meaning here now I am free from class and can focus on my study. Hmmmm..
Roller coaster of emotions..

Have you ever do love someone so dearly? Well, if you put aside your mom and dad, your family and friends and stuff, I mean a special someone. And he or she loves you back. Isn't that amazing

But it wouldn't be so lovely if you are in my place. How can a person betray? Am I taking revenge or this feeling is for real? I am lying to myself?

Just get this out from me!

colors, confused, confusing, drawing, love

astaghfirullah hal azim.

it's a wonderful life :)

Dec 16, 2012


i just notice he got a blog and suddenly i got this urge to write also. i'm craziiihhhhh..

it have been quite sometime for me not to be posting here although i love it very much to be able to express tonnes of entahmenatangapatah here. Too busy. Like very busy. Very busy.

and i am not busy STUDYING. i'm suppose too study now but since these few weeks was very hectic with program and assignment and LAB REPORT (it is in capital lock because i love doing lab report but i hate how it stressed me out. roller coaster of emotion.) and when i'm finally free, well, not so free, but free-lah, I'm like don't know how to study. This is bad. Very bad.

But hands down everyone, i love studying and i WILL study, well~

So, I want to share new stuff i learned from this wonderfully packed with all sort of thing in this few weeks although studying itself have took my life for it.

First of all, i learn lot of things from my friend during our big and awesome program. We r managing this program called Gema Amal Insan which have 3 subprogram, pertandingan nasyid/konsert, bengkel keberkesanan komunikasi dan profesionalisme and larian amal, that aimed to collect fund to be given to those in need. My friend thought me lots of stuff which i really need to overcome my weakness. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT way of showing this too you, is just magnificent,

I learned to smile and laugh at stress. yes stress! u can't do me no harm, i am immune to you! this actually come from positive mind and mostly from non-stop believing to Allah SWT. Allah SWT always help and never give us somethig we can't handle. Then from this mind, I never let my mood to be destroyed by stress. it just plain stupid.

I start to really implement on not having bad impression on anyone, and subhanallah! how it make me change my view to everyone just make me happier. Husnuzon. I am practicing to stop ghibah and keep my big mouth sealed! InsyaAllah i will nail it! I love on how i start to really count up this so called small things and be really happy when i see myself improve litle by litle.


lastly, at least for today, I learned to make steps to have nice relationship with my friends. I try to be close and be together. Practicing good ukhwah.

So, how is life?

My dearest, GAZA.

Nov 18, 2012


It have been a shocking Muharram for all muslim and I just feel that they are so cruel to destroy such a wonderful day. But then, everyday is the same for them. For Israel is always only about them.

One thing I'm quite not into liking is when Gaza have been attacked, all of this kind of status update saying how sorry feel and expressing sadness what so ever of post pouring into Facebook and Twitter. Most funny thing is every one start sharing all sort of Al-Quran and Hadith translation related the situation.

Then we start to have this kind of DP can be seen everywhere

I am sure some may start thinking am I a Muslim? What with all this crap. I am a Muslim and pray hard that I'll die as a Muslim. But this kind of solidarity (I think that is the word) did not feel purely come from a heart that really care. 

This kind of empathy or what ever you may called it is killing me for the lack of pure intention and consciousness.  The most heartbreaking action is when people start the curse all kind of curse to Israel. I mean how long you can be? Do you really think by changing your DP and a little post on FB and Twitter is enough? Cursing like crazy are going somehow magically change people mind? 

The one who is dying there is our brothers and sisters. Who believe with no doubt what we believe. Who pray 5 times a day like we do. Read al-quran that we read. Do fasting together in Ramadhan. They are our family. Is that the only thing you manage to get by them dying? Cause the only thing that change is that. Only the pattern on how you act on social network and to make it more interesting it have its own season. 

What annoys me much is when there is post about stupid love life and their daily life post being told worldwide and to add thing up is all this self picture that showing poses that I myself don't know what are they trying to get from it. Tell me, a solo picture, of you, acting all cute and hot, what the main intention? HAH?

i get this picture on google image simply by typing gambar gedik. Irony huh?

With a DP saying Save Gaza I am expecting a decent and good Muslim. Not all this crap. Are you saying that you do this because everyone is doing it. Or are you scared that if you didn't do it people would think you care less about Gaza? Tell me why...

Then come this little tiny meeny point that we all forget,

Luahan hati seorang sahabat aku:

"Sejak peristiwa Gaza minggu ni, seolah-olah jadi wake up call kat aku. Aku tengok diorang kat sana, terus rasa kesian. Lepas tu bila fikir-fikir balik, aku rasa aku tak patut kesian sebab diorang dah gerenti dah dapat syurga. 

Aku ni pulak, camne?"

Sahabat aku tiba-tiba diam. Aku pun pelik. Rupa-rupanya dia sedang menangis. Hati aku tersentak.

Kemudian dia sambung:

"Every time benda-benda macam kat Syria and Palestine ni timbul, baru la aku nak terasa. Aku tak nak semangat ni jadi bermusim."


Semoga setiap titisan air matamu menjadi saksi di hadapan Allah nanti wahai sahabat. Ameen. 

Kita bantu saudara kita di sana, tapi usah kasihan kepada mereka. Kasihanlah kepada diri kita. Kasihanlah kepada ummah kita.

I'm not sure who is this person but he get a point and I hope we all get it and do something about it.

I'm sorry for the atmosphere that this post bring. I'm myself not that of a good person, but I try my best. It's good to let this feeling out. To clear my mind and start devise a new way. Allah knows what way, I am still finding, and pray that the path I take is the right one.

The point is, it didn't seems right when people do such stuff only when a significant incident like this happen and at the same time they are not showing a proper action of a Muslim. I repeat my question, is this the only thing we get by them dying? 

And when they dies they get syahid.. how about us?

Stop all this nonsense and start thinking. What do the hikmah lies behind this? Everything happen for a reason.


I would really recommend all of you to read this,



Oct 19, 2012


i hate you.
bite me.

Little old me

So here I am. Going to mumble. Mumbling. How am I mumbling through words?

Yeah. Now I am studying at UKM KAMPUS KL in Pharmacy. *winkwink*

And now I am taking all possible chances to involve in universiti, residential college or faculty program to gain the experience of organizing an event and become the one in charge. It is tense. Time and energy consuming yet I am still a student that need to study to pass with plying colours in exam. Badly. Hate to fail actually.

Although I am having all these drama for all those program, I still love it. The satisfaction is awesome. The urge to become better mounting. Yet, I can never let my study to be left untouched. I am still a student.

This is why I am writing now. I am scared and sad and tensed. Mid sem exam is only a week time yet I am still not prepare. It's like I didnt study a thing at all. I'm in a big conflict. Between to go through my previous lecture and just focus on certain thing or study like crazy to get a full understanding. Full understanding requires me to go through word by word, page to page, book through book. I love it that way. It give me the feeling of empower over the subject. But I have no time. NONE.

The lecture was very quick including thousand of topic and very little explanation. It was never like before at matriculation and I am scared. I am not suppose to complaint. I hate it. But somehow I have developed this kind of attitude and badly want to throw it away. It give me nothing but just more confusing heartbreaking time of my life.

This post become lost. Point to point without good sentence structure. This is how pretty much the way my heart and brain are.

But somehow, deep in my heart I still have that optimist thingy that I am going to rock this.

I will stop complaining and focus on to fix my problem.

To stop being tense and scared and start becoming more discipline in organizing my life.

To never give up and keep on moving.

It is never too late.

Rasullullah PBUH have said, that if tomorrow if the apocalypse but you still have seed to grow. Just do it. Rasullullah PBUH never teach us that it is too late.

You say: "It's impossible"

 Allah says: All things are possible 

You say: "I'm too tired"
Allah says: I will give you rest 

You say : "I can't go on"
Allah says: My grace is sufficient

You say: "I can't figure things out"
Allah says: I will direct your steps

You say: "I can't do it"
Allah says: You can do all things

You say: "I'm not able"
Allah says: I am able

You say: "I can't forgive myself"
Allah says: I FORGIVE YOU

You say: "I can't manage"
Allah says: I will supply all your needs

You say: "I'm afraid"
Allah says: I have not given you a spirit of fear

You say: "I'm always worried and frustrated"
Allah says: Cast all your cares on ME

You say: "I don't have enough faith"
Allah says: I've given everyone a measure of faith

You say: "I'm not smart enough"
Allah says: I give you wisdom

You say: "I feel all alone"
Allah says: I will never leave you or forsake you

You say: "Nobody really loves me"
Allah says: I love you

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah. Allah hu akbar.


Roll on : Proud to be Muslim

May 17, 2012


This is me proud to be muslim

I have problems on my own and so do, pretty much, everyone else. I got conflict with everyone. With my family, friends and myself too. Yup, I am normal, I got problems and to some it may be stupid but I bet you also have those kind of little conflict too. 

Just, bear patiently with my awful English. Yeah!

Ones problem, be it a very stupid one, but when they called it a problem, it mean "the thing" bothers them much. Some might say, get over it! There are people worst than you ok! Yet, the pain still can be feel. It still there. 

This is a simple life scenario. It is simple but Islam cover even that too.


Islam, for me, (highlight that, it is for me) always some how give me the way and the guide to overcome all those problem. It is very soothing to come back to your religion when facing your life. Because the truth is, our religion and our life is interconnected. Actually, Islam make your life perfect!

As for me, when I have problem, I always have those moment when I learn something new, about Islam, that interrelated to my problem which help me to overcome it. Sometimes, it is in the form of hadith or Al-quran lines. Sometimes, it is in the form islamic wise word. And sometimes, it just come to my heart. 


Islam covers every aspect of your life. For me, I like to think that it give me the sense of think before act moment in almost everything I do. We all realize we need to think before act, but what do we need to think actually? I like to do muslim way, think using Islam as your first priority. The wonderful thing about thinking as a muslim is, you actually think for everyone else too.

For example, think before you dress. As a muslim, we will of course covers our aurat. In general, we know this help the most to avoid any possible harm might done to women when they attract guys. On the other hand, it make women in Islam very preserve and so valuable that whoever be their husband is the luckiest person on earth. Furthermore, properly covered aurat also help the guys to control their lust.


Al quran and as sunnah, everyone know this is the basic principle that guide muslim all around the world. It give muslim the perfect instruction on how to live your life. Everything is covered from manners to practice when we are eating to how to arrange a funeral. Zakat to be pay which help to improve a country economy to practicing sincerity in every business we do. We have everything list down and I am so proud with it. It is perfection and who hate perfect? We are very structured and everything in our life have the way of doing it muslim way. 


One more thing being a muslim, we believe that Allah swt is always with us because Allah swt does that. Allah sees, hears and knows everything about us at any moment. Allah swt always understand my feeling and when I pray and ask Allah swt for help or tell Allah swt about my feeling it always give me the satisfaction and calm that I need. Isnt it great when you always have a person that so close to you and never left you?

I do sins yet I still can have all of this. I do wrong over and over again and ask forgiveness over and over again and Allah swt return me with everything I have now. 

The rules not only make out a beautiful life for me, it also fulfill me in a way that I can't explain. It just make me feel enough. Alhamdulillah. Islam indeed is the best religion. I am a muslim. 

Wont you be proud like me too?

These are my reasons. Whats yours?

Roll on : Keyakinan kita?

May 14, 2012


Nak ubah dari aku kepada ana. hihi. :)

Bila berlaku sesuatu yang kita suka. Kita cakap alhamdulillah. Bila berlaku yg susahkan kita kita doakan kepada Allah swt supaya permudahkan untuk kita. Amin. 

Tapi, kenapa kita buat macam tu? Ana nak kita persoalkan kembali pada diri kita sendiri, apa sebenarnya yang kita harapkan dengan lakukan yang sedemikian. Adakah ia cuma tindakan bawah sedar kita ataupun sesuatu yang menjadi asam garam hidup kita. Persoalkan lah dan beri kepuasan kepada diri kita dengan jawapan yang kita cari sebab bila kita lakukan sesuatu tu dengan satu sebab yang jelas, itu yang buat kita lagi yakin dan faham dengan apa yang kita lakukan. itulah kepuasan yagn kita perlu.Jangan buat sebab itu orang tunjuk, itu yang orang buat. Allah dah beri kita akal. Fikirkanlah!

Keyakinan kita kepada Allah swt, berapa banyak ek? Dalam isu ni, sebenarnya tak boleh ada 50% or 45.758% or what ever lah, cuma ada dua pilihan, either non or 100%. Kelemahan iman kita adalah kita sebenarnya tak tahu atau tak paham apa yang kita kena yakinkan itu. Kita gagal untuk tanya diri sendiri apa yang kita yakin kan dan kenapa kita yakin. Kita tak pernah ambil peduli pon pasal benda ini semua. Kita cuma pak turut je.

Kita, takut pada hantu, ini contoh yang paling senangla. Malam-malam tak berani jalan sendirian atau pergi tandas sendiri. Nak berteman. Apa yang kita takutkan tu? Kita takut terserempak dengan hantu? Pernah tak kita tanya diri sendiri, kenapa kita takut hantu? 

Sebab dia hodoh? come on la! You'll get over it in few days!

Sebab dia bunuh orang? Ajal maut semua Allah swt yang tentukan.

Sebab nanti kena rasuk? Bukan nya korang rasa apa pon. Nama pon kena rasuk. Iye dak?

Sebab......tak ada idea. Kalau ada apa-apa cadangan sila utarakan di kotak komen. 

Jadi, apa yang kita takutkan sebenarnya. Pada pendapat ana, rasa takut tu ditanam oleh pemikiran ORANG. The People. Kita jadi pak turut. Orang takut kita pon takut. Kita tak ada sebab sendiri kenapa kita takut kat hantu tu. Dan yang paling malang sekali, kita tak yakin dgn Allah swt.

Kita lupa satu fakta mudah yang telah kita belajar. Yang semua orang tahu. Segala apa yang berlaku pada kita adalah di atas ketentuan Alah swt. Allah swt yang tentukan kita jumpa ke tak hantu tu. Mati ke tak. Kena rasuk ke tak. Semua Allah swt tentukan! Kalau lah Allah swt dah tentukan siapa kita nak melawan? Kenapa kita lupa perkara tu?

Jadi, kita fikirkan kembali dan renung-renung kan lah. Belajar balik apa yang patut. Kekuasaan Allah swt yang tiada batasannya. Kenapa dalam Islam kita wajib beriman kepada Allah swt. Find your very own reason and enlighten yourself. Lepas tu, mengucap lah dengan yakin! 

Roll on : I Love Rasulullah SAW

May 10, 2012


Hari ni nak kongsi satu hadis/kisah Rasululluah SAW yang sangat menyentuh hati saya ;

                        Diriwayatkan dari Abu Jum’ah ra yang berkata “Suatu saat kami pernah makan siang bersama Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam dan ketika itu ada Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah ra yang berkata “Wahai Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam adakah orang yang lebih baik dari kami? Kami memeluk Islam dan berjihad bersama Engkau”. Beliau shallallahu alaihi wasallam menjawab “Ya ada, yaitu kaum yang akan datang setelah kalian, yang beriman kepadaku padahal mereka tidak melihatku”. Hadits ini diriwayatkan oleh Imam Ahmad dalam Musnad Ahmad juz 4 hal 106 hadis no 17017. Hadits ini juga diriwayatkan oleh Ad Darimi dalam Sunan Ad Darimi juz 2 hal 398 hadis no 2744 dengan sanad yang shahih.
Dari Ibnu Abbas Radhiallahu ‘anhu, diriwayatkan suatu ketika selepas shalat shubuh, seperti biasa Rasulullah Shallallahu alaihi wasallam duduk menghadap para sahabat.
Kemudian beliau bertanya, “Wahai manusia siapakah makhluk Tuhan yang imannya paling menakjubkan?”.
“Malaikat, ya Rasul,” jawab sahabat.
“Bagaimana malaikat tidak beriman, sedangkan mereka pelaksana perintah Tuhan?” Tukas Rasulullah.
“Kalau begitu, para Nabi ya Rasulullah” para sahabat kembali menjawab
“Bagaimana nabi tidak beriman, sedangkan wahyu dari langit turun kepada mereka?” kembali ujar Rasul.
“Kalau begitu para sahabat-sahabatmu, ya Rasul”.
“Bagaimana sahabat-sahabatku tidak beriman, sedang mereka menyaksikan apa yang mereka saksikan. Mereka bertemu langsung denganku, melihatku, mendengar kata-kataku, dan juga menyaksikan dengan mata kepala sendiri tanda-tanda kerasulanku.” Ujar Rasulullah.
Lalu Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam terdiam sejenak, kemudian dengan lembut beliau bersabda, “Yang paling menakjubkan imannya,” ujar Rasul “adalah kaum yang datang sesudah kalian semua. Mereka beriman kepadaku, tanpa pernah melihatku.
Mereka membenarkanku tanpa pernah menyaksikanku. Mereka menemukan tulisan dan beriman kepadaku. Mereka mengamalkan apa-apa yang ada dalam tulisan itu. Mereka mengamalkan apa-apa yang ada dalam tulisan itu. Mereka membela aku seperti kalian membelaku. Alangkah inginnya aku berjumpa dengan saudara-saudaraku itu.”
Kemudian, Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam meneruskan dengan membaca surat Al-Baqarah ayat 3,   “Mereka yang beriman kepada yang gaib, mendirikan shalat, dan menginfakan sebagian dari apa yang Kami berikan kepada mereka.”
Lalu Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam bersabda, “Berbahagialah orang yang pernah melihatku dan beriman kepadaku” Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam mengucapkan itu satu kali. “Berbahagialah orang yang beriman kepadaku padahal tidak pernah melihatku.” Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam mengucapkan kalimat kedua itu hingga tujuh kali.

Sebenarnya Rasulullah SAW sangat menyeyangi umat nya lebih dari, pada pandangan saya,seorang ibu pada anaknya. Sehingga ke akhir hayat baginda, baginda masih mahu menolong kita dengan meminta agar kesakitan maut seluruh umatnya diberikan kepada baginda. Kasih sungguh Rasullulah SAW kepada kita yang selalu lupakan nya. 


Rasulullah SAW sangat mulia dan hemah sekali. Baginda lah sebaik-baik manusia yang hebat segalanya. Sebagai tanda cinta kepada Rasulullah SAW kita bolehlah melakukan sunnah baginda. 

Roll on : Jiwa kosong

May 7, 2012


Jadi, emmm. Apa tujuan anda hari ni? Apa yg anda nak capai sebelum tiba penghujung hari ini. Apa yg anda capai semalam. Simple question right? We always hear this kind of question. But do we ever try to think deeply and answer it?

Dah fikir? Apa jawapan nya? Sambil jawapan tu bermain di fikiran anda, jawab soalan kedua ni. Adakah itu keperluan duniawi?

Hal ini sudah dapat diramal oleh Nabi Muhammad saw sejak dulu lagi, dalam hadithnya: 

"Umat lain akan meratah kamu dengan rakus sebagaimana anjing-anjing yang mengelilingi hidangan makanan. Sahabat bertanya adakah kerana bilangan umat Islam yang sedikit? Baginda menjawab Tidak, bahkan jumlah kamu masa itu banyak sebagaimana banyaknya buih di permukaan air banjir. Allah mengikis perasaan gerun di dalam hati musuh terhadap kamu dan Allah mencampakkan dalam hati kamu 'al-wahan'. Sahabat bertanya apa dia wahan itu ya Rasulullah. Jawab baginda 'cintakan dunia dan bencikan akhirat."

Kita semua selalu mementingkan dunia walaupun kita sedar yang paling penting adalah, mesti semua org teka ayat lepas ni AKHIRAT. Semua org tahu yg akhirat tu lagi penting dari dunia, tp, siapa yg pernah fikir secara mendalam akan pentingnya akhirat tu?

Aku ingin tekankan di sini, usaha-usaha kita dalam mencapai redha Allah swt. Apa amalan kita hari ni dan hari-hari sebelumnya. Andai kata ajal datang memanggil. cukupkah bekalan kita. Sekali lagi, aku pasti, ayat ni dah biasa sangat anda dengar. kan?

Sebenarnya, jiwa kita kosong. Sangat kosong. Hari-hari kita tak ada makna. Kita cuma mengulangi rutin harian yg sama,bangun pagi, solat, kerja/study, balik. Solat 5 waktu tak tinggal. Selalu mengaji. Itu sahaja. Kita mempelbagai aktiviti untuk kita bersantai (pada waktu lapang) dengan berkelah, tengok wayang dan banyak lagi. Tapi amalan ibadat kita tetap yg sama tu je. Sehingga kan ia turut menjadi rutin. Cuma rutin!

Cukup ke amalan itu je sebagai bekal. Sedangkan Rasulullah yg maksum selalu qiamullail. Macam-macam ibadat baginda buat. Yang wajib tak pernah ditinggalkan. Yang sunat tak terkira oleh kita. Kita pula cuma buat perkara yang sama ini, cuma yg wajib sahaja, setiap hari, sehingga ia menjadi satu rutin lalu terus langsung sikitpon tak meninggalkan kesan di hati kita. Cuma rutin!

Sebabnya? Kerana kita tidak berilmu atau kita berilmu tapi tak beramal. Dunia berjaya butakan kita. Kita muslim tapi ilmu kita tentang agama Islam itu sangat sikit. Apa itu Baitulmal? Macam Nabi Isa a.s. boleh jadi Jesus? Siapa ilmuwan Islam? Apa itu takwa? Tahu jawapan ni semua? Kalau ya alhamdulillah, moga iman anda bertambah, jika tak, takutla, jiwa kita kosong.

Alasan kita senang, aku tak terlibat hingga pentingnya kau tahu semua ni. Iman tu dalam hati tak boleh diukur dgn ilmu yg banyak. Tapi siapa yang akan nafikan sesungguhnya. Tak kenal maka tak cinta? Dalam Islm sendiri tekankan untuk kita menuntut ilmu. Penting sangat untuk kita belajar ilmu duniawi dan ukhrawi. Seimbang.

Allah berikan kita akal untuk kita fikirkan sendiri dan menghayati akan apa itu Esa nya Allah swt. Berkuasanya Dia itu. Kita diberi akal supaya kita temui sendiri dan bukan semata mengikut je apa orang cakap.

Kita selalu berusaha mencari perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan dunia. Pujian dari majikan. Wang yang banyak. Result yg bagus. Tapi kita lu[a yg semua tu tak ada maknanya bagi Allah swt. Kita sibuk sangat dengan semua tu hingga lupakan akhirat. Tapi kita semua dah belajar, kat syurga nanti semua yg kita nak terus dapat!

Hentikan alasan aku tak dapat hidayah lagi. Hidayah ni ada sejak dulu lagi. Macam main aci nyorok. Kalau kita tak usaha cari mcm mana kita nak jumpa. Tak kan orang yg menyorok tu nak dedahkan tempat sembunyi dia kalau kita malas nak cari? Dengan ilmu dan doa kita akan jumpa hidayah tu. Insyaalah.

Sekian. sekiranya ada yang terasa atau terkurang terlebih atau apa-apa. Minta supaya tegurla aku. Kita sama-sama kongsi ilmu. :)