My dearest, GAZA.

Nov 18, 2012


It have been a shocking Muharram for all muslim and I just feel that they are so cruel to destroy such a wonderful day. But then, everyday is the same for them. For Israel is always only about them.

One thing I'm quite not into liking is when Gaza have been attacked, all of this kind of status update saying how sorry feel and expressing sadness what so ever of post pouring into Facebook and Twitter. Most funny thing is every one start sharing all sort of Al-Quran and Hadith translation related the situation.

Then we start to have this kind of DP can be seen everywhere

I am sure some may start thinking am I a Muslim? What with all this crap. I am a Muslim and pray hard that I'll die as a Muslim. But this kind of solidarity (I think that is the word) did not feel purely come from a heart that really care. 

This kind of empathy or what ever you may called it is killing me for the lack of pure intention and consciousness.  The most heartbreaking action is when people start the curse all kind of curse to Israel. I mean how long you can be? Do you really think by changing your DP and a little post on FB and Twitter is enough? Cursing like crazy are going somehow magically change people mind? 

The one who is dying there is our brothers and sisters. Who believe with no doubt what we believe. Who pray 5 times a day like we do. Read al-quran that we read. Do fasting together in Ramadhan. They are our family. Is that the only thing you manage to get by them dying? Cause the only thing that change is that. Only the pattern on how you act on social network and to make it more interesting it have its own season. 

What annoys me much is when there is post about stupid love life and their daily life post being told worldwide and to add thing up is all this self picture that showing poses that I myself don't know what are they trying to get from it. Tell me, a solo picture, of you, acting all cute and hot, what the main intention? HAH?

i get this picture on google image simply by typing gambar gedik. Irony huh?

With a DP saying Save Gaza I am expecting a decent and good Muslim. Not all this crap. Are you saying that you do this because everyone is doing it. Or are you scared that if you didn't do it people would think you care less about Gaza? Tell me why...

Then come this little tiny meeny point that we all forget,

Luahan hati seorang sahabat aku:

"Sejak peristiwa Gaza minggu ni, seolah-olah jadi wake up call kat aku. Aku tengok diorang kat sana, terus rasa kesian. Lepas tu bila fikir-fikir balik, aku rasa aku tak patut kesian sebab diorang dah gerenti dah dapat syurga. 

Aku ni pulak, camne?"

Sahabat aku tiba-tiba diam. Aku pun pelik. Rupa-rupanya dia sedang menangis. Hati aku tersentak.

Kemudian dia sambung:

"Every time benda-benda macam kat Syria and Palestine ni timbul, baru la aku nak terasa. Aku tak nak semangat ni jadi bermusim."


Semoga setiap titisan air matamu menjadi saksi di hadapan Allah nanti wahai sahabat. Ameen. 

Kita bantu saudara kita di sana, tapi usah kasihan kepada mereka. Kasihanlah kepada diri kita. Kasihanlah kepada ummah kita.

I'm not sure who is this person but he get a point and I hope we all get it and do something about it.

I'm sorry for the atmosphere that this post bring. I'm myself not that of a good person, but I try my best. It's good to let this feeling out. To clear my mind and start devise a new way. Allah knows what way, I am still finding, and pray that the path I take is the right one.

The point is, it didn't seems right when people do such stuff only when a significant incident like this happen and at the same time they are not showing a proper action of a Muslim. I repeat my question, is this the only thing we get by them dying? 

And when they dies they get syahid.. how about us?

Stop all this nonsense and start thinking. What do the hikmah lies behind this? Everything happen for a reason.


I would really recommend all of you to read this,


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