It's December So Goodbye Crush and 2019

Dec 28, 2019

I wanted to do a recap of 2019 but that will have to wait. I have a few instances where I can sit down and update my blog accordingly, heck, I even made a draft for November but as you can see by now, nothing was published for almost six weeks. 

I'm not sure what I want to really write at the moment but I guess I can start by recapping December.

So in the first week, I two days off which is on Monday and Tuesday. I have stayed at home for the whole time. We were supposed to go to Langkawi but Walid wasn't feeling so well. I was so glad to be staying at home  I did some tidying up, play Plant vs Zombie, cooked and I even went fishing one night which is so boring. 

On Wednesday, we had the day off since it was Sultan Selangor's birthday and I have planned to spend the day with two of my friends that work here with me. We went to KL and play laser battle and this escape game called Hauntumy. It was such a good day.  We even managed to have our lunch at Sopoong. The bingsu was so good! On weekend, I went on an ad hoc trip with my housemate which was initially to either just go for some sightseeing or watch a movie but ended up doing some facial treatment and foot massage. We even somehow managed to assemble seven peoples at the very last minute for dinner.

On Tuesday of the second week, we have our end of the year feast which I was somehow in charge of doing the backdrop. I was rather excited, to be honest, and it was amazing how diligent I was. Oh yes, fun story, I bought this large bolster pillow for our gifts exchange and if it wasn't because of my friends helping me wrapping it, I was so going to just buy something else and ideally, have it wrapped right away.

On the weekend of the third week, I had a fun run event at Jeram. We stayed there for one night and tries out this Aroma Ikan Bakar which is somehow so famous. The Ikan Tiga Rasa is good but sadly it was cold when we get it. We made a reservation and was told it will be "half-cooked" and "cooked fully" when we get there. Apparently, it got cold in seconds. The sotong goreng tepung is good too. It was heartbreaking that it got cold. On the other hand, I got to taste Family Mart's curry oden which is so good (this got "so" cause it is hot).

The next big thing is that we had an impromptu get together on Christmas Day. My friend was like, "Doing makan-makan could be fun on Christmas" and somehow it got full-blown with oden, two types of spaghetti, fruit cocktails, brownies, and even pizza! It was done at my friend's house. His husband, who was the doctor there, was so cool to join us playing the games. I ended December with a weekend shift that is how December was spent.

It feels like just a few days before when I notice that I won't go back home until next year and now it is already the end of the month.

This month was physically demanding and to my surprise, it was emotionally exhausting too. This feels stupid but I got this crush which just goes wild for the past month but now I suddenly don't have one?

It probably got wild since it is the wedding season while I'm having the most stupid crush. It is so stupid. I guess in between pondering about it a little bit too much, trying to detox him out of my life plus accepting the truth that it just won't work out somehow finally knock some sense into me that "Hey, he is just a really good friend who happens to be a guy". Not to mention the regular family issues, the fact that 2019 is ended but I don't stick to any healthy lifestyle as I wanted to, my poor financial skills and of course the fact that everyoneisgettingmarriedbutIdontwanttobutohmygodwhatiamdoingwithmylife as well.

p/s - I think I just want to be like 50kg kind of thin in 2020
pp/s - Ejen Ali is such a good movie