BMPIL Writing Challenge - How Last Night Went By The Hour

Jun 26, 2021

Let's get this written as simple as possible. If I'm ever going to finish this challenge, I need to be more straightforward and lessen the depth of my commentary. Since this challenge needs me to go by the, let's write it by hour then. I'll start from the moment I finish my work which is at 8pm. Pharmacy has to be closed by 8pm during PKP or else we'll close by 10pm.

8pm - This is the few times we actually managed to finish everything and clock-out exactly at 8pm. I drove back home and arrived around 825pm. 

830pm - I was so lazy these days. I simply lay on my bed scrolling through TikTok and Instagram 

Sometimes after 930pm - I started to feel a bit hungry. Since I went back early, I made a point to cook something for dinner. I usually cooked as soon as I got back but I got too lazy last night. I decided to start writing this challenge instead but on my phone. 

Sometimes after 11pm - I was decently hungry and went downstairs to cook some fries. I usually just need some small meal but still it wasn't good to eat that late. I took a quick shower I went to bed right away afterward without publishing the post. I wanted to do the final editing on my laptop and then publish it but it was getting too late and I decided to just do it tomorrow. 

1am - I can't sleep and keeps on scrolling things on my phone. I only get really sleepy around 1am. This is why I shouldn't eat that late.

Turns out that the magnesium supplement I was eating really does have grogginess as a side effect. That does make sense as I wasn't eating well for the longest time so my body probably in dire need of that magnesium. I tried to eat the supplement earlier and the grogginess lessens by the day. If you have trouble sleeping, why not give magnesium a try!

I also notice that my digestion went somewhat smoother in the morning even without my morning coffee. Turns out magnesium works in such a way too. 

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