BMPIL Writing Challenge - What Did I Do At Work Today

Jun 25, 2021

I have this frozen chapati that I've mistakenly bought thinking that I've grabbed the paratha ones and it was bugging me how it doesn't taste the slightest like a chapati. Turns out I used too much heat. Also, it was a bit too thin. I miss having a good chapati.

Oh ya, I decided to train myself to be more direct with my writing. I know I always have this habit to ramble too much and not being able to be more refined in my writing. Anyway, Nanami Kento is so hot and istg he was based on Mads Mikkelsen which make a lot of sense. Plus why didn't I start writing earlier, I'm bound to only finish this somewhere after 12am.

I had my two days off on Tuesday and Wednesday so although today is Thursday, it does have that Monday vibes to it. My weekend off privilege was put off for a while in order to cater to the new hire. 

My shift started at 11am until 8pm today. The other staff was having her day off so there were only two of us today. There were two suppliers who had delivered their stock and also a bunch of other stock from HQ that came in during my days off. I went on checking out those first. I'm always excited about getting new stock. I make sure the items were arranged well, tweak some arrangements here and there and reconfirm some stuff with the staff. I make a point to ask some stuff and point out things to see if she understand how things were done. 

Apart from that I also checked the delivery order for asnaf that we did. Our pharmacy is a panel pharmacy for zakat. I've settled everything before my two days off and what was left is for the asnaf's guardian to pick up the stuff. It was their second time but somehow both of the times they came in is when I was having the day off. I hope they don't feel bad not being able to meet the actual person who manages their order #lol. 

Since we deal with different departments for different parts of the shop's management, it can be a hassle to confirm things. I always made a point to Whatsapp any related people earlier during the day so that I can get replies before their office hours ended. For today I need to clarify about some poster and some points about next month's rosters. I only call when it needs urgent attention or if I think I needed to discuss verbally first before texting them the details. 

These look like a lot of things but it took only about half an hour. I then went out to do some business at the bank. The operating hours at the bank have been cut shorter during this PKP and it was so annoying as they needed to cut out some services too which include depositing coins. I can only get coins to change at the bank if people can actually deposit those first. 

When I went back to the shop, there's a sales representative already waiting for me. It was our Hurix's supplier. He had already gone through all of our Hurix's stock and even made a list of stock that he suggested for us to get complete with the quantity. That was such a good approach I give him that. We talked for a while as he explains some products to me. There are some new items and one of them is this herbal syrup for kids meant for increasing appetite. He told us that our HQ will order it for all of the branches and I forgot to confirm with HQ if they actually will. Hurix's product always has good flavor and herbal-based appetite enhancer does look promising. I also returned some close expiry stuff so then he issued us a credit note.

There was another sales representative who came not long after the first one went back. But he seems in such a hurry. He manages Gynita products. I'm glad he was such in a hurry because apart from their vitamin C, the other stuff hasn't really been selling much and I don't really feel like talking about it. He gives me a sample of their heatiness drink like those Air Cap Badak but it tasted better than 100 Plus. It was called Icezon Bodycool and you need to make it yourself simply by mixing it with water. I love how it came in a sachet thus making it easier to carry around. I love 100 Plus so this is a big thing for me.

Why am I doing product reviews now? Be more objective and refined Afifah!

Anyway, it wasn't like I meet the sales representative that often. These only came in after they went to HQ since HQ is so close by to us. There are also those who approach us to promote their product and I usually just listen to their explanation a bit and then explained that purchasing decisions were done by HQ and proceed by giving them the contact information of the actual person in charge.

I also spend some time explaining stuff to the new staff. It was easier for me to tutor her when the other staff wasn't here. She is much slower than the other one so I always feel like I need to work at this medium speed when there are the two of them but then the slower ones still didn't grasp the point well and I think it bores the other one. So with that, I take advantage of being only the two of us to kinda refined whatever I have thought her and take a slower approach. I thought her how to sell some products and since we did some product returns, I then taught her how the product return procedure goes by. I also give some pointers on how to address customers better and what she needs to improve.

In between those, since it is the end of the month, we're doing the stock order. I did some quick stock checking while ordering new stock for next month.  It was a bit tedious and somewhat time-consuming as I need to closely cross-check our current stock first. What happens is that there is this issue of always not getting the stuff we ordered. To cater to this, we did ordering every two weeks. 

With this method, for those stock that we didn't get, we can try to order it from the other supplier on the next ordering. But since the gap is too close by, there's a chance some stock not even arrived yet when the next ordering came in. That is why I need to closely cross-check our stock and since the ordering was done more frequently, I always have mixed memories of what I have ordered or what I have not yet ordered. Thank god this two weeks ordering system wasn't done on all of suppliers or else it will be an even slower process. 

When this kind of days came, it was just more time for me being on the laptop. I guess it was because of my Monday-ish blues since I was being too slow and can hardly focus. I did some and then had my one-hour break. I make some fried rice today but I usually just buy food. After that, I continue with ordering but I was still being so slow. I even took frequent breaks lol. I just gave up somewhere around 5pm and focuses on training my new staff.

The customers are still slow due to PKP. This isn't looking too good for our sales target at all but we did our best with the ones that came in. I'm not going to lie that being able to get home by 8pm is such a joyful thing reaching sales target or not.

That was it. It wasn't this much eventful usually. If I didn't have much to do I will try to train the staff by doing worksheets and discussing their answer afterward. They have a better grasp now for me to start giving my lesson in slides which will cover more stuff. Apart from that I will just check my stock and identify any slow-moving items or if there are things that I better offer to other branches. If there are plenty of customers, I will usually just chill with my phone in between customers as I can't really finish anything with people who keep coming in.

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