BMPIL Writing Challenge - My Current Netflix Watching List

Jun 26, 2021

I think this writing challenge is really working out as I am more aware how days have passed. I'm on my fifth days already and this is such a fun topic to write. I'm a genius really coming out with this challenge.

I hope there are more anime on Netflix. I love watching anime dearly. I started watching anime during highschool and stop watching much during my degree years and only recently pick it up about two years now. I got bored too easily with drama so the hypeness in anime really does wonder with my attention span. 

Moreover, I am more of a supernatural and sci fi kind of person and anime just brings out the best out of this two genre. I also can't do any "slice of life" kinda of series anymore especially those with love arc. I do watch plenty of this kind of show, mainly k drama, during high school but now it just bores me. This then leaves me with such little choice of drama show. With this being said, my current list are almost all being anime. If I found any drama series that I liked, I usually just got so invested and finishes it quickly. The last series that I've finished on Netflix was Ragnarok. Others includes Stranger Things, Altered Carbon and Diableros. I tend to take forever to finish an anime series though. Apart from this, I just watch movies. 

I want to show a screenshot of my Netflix but it is not accurate at all. Most of my recommendation are k-dramas because my cousin uses my profile to watch those. I guess she watches it more frequently than me so each time I opened it, it usually shows her watching history instead of mine.

Ok, enough introduction, let's get into it!

Jujutsu Kaisen

I just have to start with this one. It was only recently been on Netflix and I had to pirate it previously. I always love a good supernatural anime and JJK just works so well especially since it is based on a more current timeline. I'm loving with their sorcerer and curses world and I totally lose it when one of the character says that his favourite actress was Jennifer Lawrence. It have a good background story that balances with the action part thus allows me to understand the characters better and then be all hyped up during action scenes and just be "yass, that's my guy!". The humour is so well done too and the characters were presented so well that I just love everyone even the bad guys. Bonus point there are a lot of hot characters!

I won't watch anime with funny looking characters like One Piece. I have this principle that is, if I'm giving an effort to watch any anime series, it might as well have lots of good looking characters.

Psycho Pass

I got interested in this since it have the same concept with this movie called Minority Report. That movie leaves such an impression on me but I never got around to actually watch this anime until this one TikTok video came on my For You Page. It just shows this scene where the main character looks all cool and super hot and I'm like this is the sign I've been waiting for.

It has a good plot but a bit too serious for my liking so I don't really rush to finish it. But I still loving the sci fi setting and characters (albeit all being so uptight) so I'll definitely still finishes it.


I'm currently on my fourth season so I guess it was too late now to hold onto my principle to not watch any sports themed anime. I watch few sports themed anime during high school and when I pick up anime back this time around, I made a point not to watch this genre anymore. Firstly because it gets too technical-ish and secondly because I just think I have enough of this "this sports is my life and I'm going to give my everything to it" and then everyone become so sentimental about it while I keep on having this nagging voice inside me saying "it's just a ball". Plus, I hate the tense that came during a match lol.

I only watch this because my sister was adamant that it is so good eventho I told her I'm done with sports anime. She told me that Haikyuu is different and honestly I shouldn't listen to her since she's still new in anime and her previous anime was according to my viewing history. 

Anyway, it wasn't bad per se. It was just not my thing anymore. It got good humor, really tense matches (not good for my heart at all) and by including many teams from other district into their storyline, it made it more interesting. I saw someone saying that the reason Haikyuu was so famous is because there's always a character for you. Being a simple high schooler made it more laid back and just lovable. 

I was so done during the second season and decided not to continue it afterwards but it turns out that the entire third season was this important match with this team that was implied from earlier on during season one so now I just have to watch everything.

Devilman Crybaby

I watched this randomly with my sister. I like to spent my time at home watching and hyping over anime with her. I think we were all caught up with Attack On Titan and decided to watch any random anime. This was during the end of the second PKP. I didn't continue it afterwards and only decided to catch up last month. The reason I decided was that I needed a distraction from the secondhand embarrassment I was watching on Haikyuu. 

I don't like watching secondhand embarrassment in any kind of shows. This is why I don't watch Mr Bean. 

Devilman Crybaby animation was done by this studio called Science SARU. This isn't a more popular studio and they uses this hybrid of hand drawn and digital animation technique. Their animation style combined with the manga style is why I still remember to continue watching it. I'm not sure how to explain it but it's just interesting and it also made the whole story really more captivating.

I'm also not sure how to explain the plot. It is a mashed of both supernatural as they play with the theme of the society getting sick and turning into evil demon and then the sci fi part are more on the gadgets used. The plot also have these pure characters that turns into demons, play around with graphic content that includes death, sex and drugs and then have one the main character being morally gray. The dark cinematography looming throughout the entire series is such a vibe too.


There are so many type of k drama out there and I tried to watch some especially those that have supernatural themes but I still got bored as they will still includes all the "living a daily life" things. I mean I am a living person already, I don't need to watch how this powerful witch was all sad and misery because life has mistreated her.

I got such high hopes with Hotel Del Luna.

Anyway, I watched this series for three reasons.

The first one being, I still need to watch more kdrama. I keep on feeling that not liking kdrama in general is such an uneducated opinion so I need more experience in it before continue to not liking it. Does that make sense? This is the very reason why I started to listen to BTS and ended up really liking them. I don't want to not like something for no valid reason. Furthermore, the choices for kdrama are becoming more variable so I was determine to try and find if I actually like anything.

The second and third reason are more basic. The second one because the main character was Song Joong Ki. I don't watch korean drama but I do know Song Joong Ki were among the more popular ones so I wanted to see how he acts. I tried Descendants of The Sun but it just bores me. The third one because it was mafia themed. Knowing k drama always does a good job in the accuracy of potraying their theme, I  was so curious to see how the mafia part was going to be done. The first few episodes was quite boring though but I still pull through until the main story arc started and it turns out to be fun. It feels good to have one kdrama that I actually like.

I love how Vincenco does speak Italian, all those fancy suits which of course is important in mafia kind of shows, having fighting scene although it feels like a bit too try-hard to make Vincenzo look the coolest, all kind of family dynamics and the use of all the plaza residents characters in the storyline is just the most creative plot. 

I am still not as hyped as compared to watching my usual kind of drama series but I do want to finish it. Plus it is so fun to finally get to experience this unique quirkiness and humour that came with kdrama characters and the more professionally done product placement.

But then I won't continue watching it if they have another season, which I know they won't. Thank god. 

That's it! I should do an alternate list where I told you guys about the shows that I started and I just gave up because it wasn't interesting. That would be fun.

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