BMPIL Writing Challenge - Good Things I've Been Doing For The Environment

Jul 9, 2021

You know how those kedai siam have these lime juice in bottles which they use in cooking? I found one the other day while grocery shopping and it only cost RM3 so I bought one. I hardly cook anything that will require lime juice but I bought it because I thought it can give me some more varieties in my cooking plus it probably will make a good lime drink. I like a chilled lime drink. Again, it only cost RM3, and what a blessing that my iced lime drink turns out amazing. 

I've been skipping few days from writing this "Being More Present in Life Writing Challenge" just because I don't feel like thinking too much after coming home at 8pm. I simply made myself comfortable and watch Netflix. I'm currently in the mood for simple action or adventure movies but kinda runs out of options on Netflix so we're writing today.

I'm not the most environmentally conscious person. Yet still, I daresay that I'm doing better than most people I know. You really can't expect much from Malaysians anyway. I can confidently say that there is only one person that I know personally who is such a good environmentally conscious person and practices just as much. Like this girl be bringing Tupperware to tapau her food and I think she once shares this shop where you can buy you groceries by putting it into your own container. I don't even think such a shop existed in Malaysia.

I tried though. Like for example when I did my groceries, I will bring my own bag. I knew I always forgot so I have three of those and put them all in my car so that I will always have one extra if I left any at home. I try not to buy things online and if I have to, I'll try to buy them from a local seller so that I can reduce my carbon footprint. Since I'm also lazy, if I need to drive my car out, I will try to do my work on one trip. I'll collect all my plastic bottles and put them separately so that the garbage man can simply separate them. These days, I'll bring the plastic bottles to work as there is this lorry who did rounds around the shop lot and collects those. 

It is quite troublesome for me to be using tumbler so I still use plastic cups but I rarely bought one pon. I still put vegetables and fruits in those plastics where they will tape it and then stick the barcode sticker. But since the plastic bag is just so big, I'll put few items in one plastic and had them put all the stickers on that one plastic bag. There is this one time where the makcik who worked at the weighing station praises me saying it's better that I put them all together than wasting all those plastic bags.

I think one of the main things that kinda drives me to be more environmentally conscious is this kind of "not wanting to waste" thinking. I think many people can relate to me how it feels to not want to waste things. However, in my mindset, all these plastics will simply be left there not being able to decompose and just accommodate space but if I use less of them or disposes of them the right, I'm wasting less. 

Most that come from middle-income families like me will probably always have this "not wanting waste" mindset yet somehow, we are always so lenient when it comes to food. Thus the use of plastic still keeps on rising. It simply surprises me when one of my friends who's older by two years from me got confused when I ask them about global warming and how my other friend doesn't feel anything throwing plastic bottles after plastics bottles as her only source of safe drinking water was the bottled ones.

I am more laidback in terms of being good to the environment really. Yes, those big companies still at large and are the main issues here but we're living together on this one and only Earth, it's just plain stupid and selfish not being kind to it.

You know what, I think I will get myself a good tumbler and put it in my car so that I can use it when I suddenly buy coffee. Also, a good food container complete with compartments will be easier to fill when buying my lunch and a lot easier to eat from too. Heck, we're currently all wearing a mask pon if I ever feel self-conscious about it!

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