BMPIL Writing Challenge - My Friend's Instagram Stories

Jul 4, 2021

It is so easy to postpone one simple task and then one simple task become five so now I'm writing instead. Also, I was so stressed with my hair fall and tries this bang's filter to see if I will look good with one since I might need one to hide my almost receding hairline. I need to buy some good essential oil or something.

On the other hand, I finish two series on Netflix today! It was somewhat a relief because I actually finish not one, but two, and without randomly start on a new one. Although I did start a new one last two weeks but that's beside the point. 

For today's "Being More Present in Life Writing Challenge" - we are writing a simple recap/review on ten Instagram stories that are on my Instagram.  I decide to write those that were published by my actual friends. The goal here is to see what kind of "things" I was fed on Instagram although as usual, people only scroll Explore page most of the time.


The first one is my friend from the hospital I used to work. She works in a klinik kesihatan  now. She did two stories that were a throwback from a trip she went on in 2018. I think she went with her friends from university so it's an all-girls trip. It looks so fun with singing in the car and just loud laughing.


The second one was from my sister. She always almost exclusively only post TikTok videos that are usually about anime or things she found funny and write some comment on it. She watches more anime than me now and reads manga too so her anime always varies. I love to check her stories because she is my sister and also the funny ones are really funny. Sometimes she sends us the videos too lol. For today she reposts this TikTok video complaining she didn't like the remix. It was odd because I've heard that remix so many times for so long now.


The third one is from my university friend. She usually posted stuff about work or about her son. Her son is so cute. She was among the few of us that already in a relationship while studying and I think she got married when she finishes her PRP training. She was also among the few people I respect and adore due to how dependable and sweet she is while doing my degree. She posted a story about her son telling about his food journey. Always love seeing how my peers were raising their child especially since I do know their personality.

#4 and #5

Coincidentally, the fourth and fifth stories were from these seniors from my old hospital. One of them was newly transferred from Sabah so I only knew her for a couple of months before I move out while the other one was my dearest senior that was there from my first day there. They were doing a shift at Pusat Pemberian Vaksin together and were showing their darkened and dry hands due to the frequent use of hand sanitizer. I didn't know hand sanitizer can do that but I guess it was because of how drying it is. The hand sanitizer in the hospital was legit y'all. The alcohol smells just stings your nostrils.


This one is also from a friend from my old hospital. She is then a colleagues with the kakak from #4 and #5 but I think she's two years younger than me. She is also a mom and frequently shares stories about her son. Today, she shares a quote that I found so amusing that said "Young people think they know it all. Old people think they know it all. There's a sweet spot right in the middle where we know that nobody really knows shit". It was from a parenting account. She is also a writer but I'm not sure if she has a blog. She did however uses those content creator apps and accept writing commissions.


The seventh one is from a friend of mine from high school that works as a doctor. She shares a short clip of what I believe and CT scan or a MRI scan. That was my first time seeing such a scan in video form. It was usually in the form of pictures. I got intrigued and ask her for more details about it lol. It shows increased pressure within her patient skull that leads to intracranial bleeding that in turn causes a stroke. The patient defaulted their medicine. This is the actual result when we told people to eat their blood pressure medicine or else they can get a stroke. Those little headaches that the patient only dismissed with Panadol were only there when the blood pressure was too high already.


This story is from my university friend who is currently working in Sabah. She was promoting nasi dagang from a place in Kajang which probably her family member business or something. She is indeed a Terengganu breed. Oh my god, that nasi dagang looks so good,


This story is about my friend's son. The first one was funny. It shows how her husband, putting their son's milk on a controlled toy car and had it delivered to him. The other showing her son being all cute and want to help to make mommy's coffee. She is also a friend from my university that was in a relationship while doing our degree and got married sometime after PRP too. I made a point to highlight this because they weren't many of us who got into an actual relationship while studying and we only have one couple from our batch that got married yet we have no idea at all that they were in any kind of relationship.


Oh we're coming to an end! The last story was also about my friend's son. This friend was my housemate for a year. She works at klinik kesihatan nearby but did a two-month attachment in our hospital and together with another friend of us, we decided to move in together. It was the best decision ever. It feels good to live with someone who understands what were you doing day in day out and were single. She got married at the end of our one year of living together and then moves out to stay with her husband. The story was about her son playing in an inflatable pool. Honestly, an inflatable pool is a must for kids.


That is it. I usually got bored with the stories. I scrolled through a few and then I'm done. Since it is arranged according to the newest published, I always missed those stories that I actually needed to see, such as the stories from my favorite coffee place here.

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