BMPIL Writing Challenge - How Today's Morning Before I Go To Work

Jul 6, 2021

For this challenge, I am going to compare this morning with the morning of my first day writing this challenge. Also, I'm supposed to be writing about my current skincare but everything is a mess. I have yet developed a good system to arrange my skincare products in this new house so let's make this as simple as it can be and then went into arranging my skincare products.

First of all, I woke up late today. I think it was almost 9am? I wake up around 8am on my first day. However, I wasn't as groggy today and was in a better mood as well. The grogginess effect that I was having before has gone by now and I've been getting better sleep. I'm not entirely sure if my improving sleep was due to my magnesium supplement or because this place wasn't as hot as my previous place. Although, it is also worth noting that I am feeling more comfortable living in this house and that I was drinking more water. The landlord provides a Cuckoo water dispenser and of course, I feel like drinking more if I got easy access to chilled water. I've been getting a mild headache, not so bad, kinda just a buzz, but still very annoying headache, quite often before as I don't get good sleep and be drinking enough water. So I didn't feel that way now. 

I was hungry waking up and I just want rice. I think it was my PMS. I always get so hungry during my PMS and usually, I only want rice, but apart from that, I hardly feel hungry upon waking up. However, I was so adamant to have a slow morning so going out won't fit into the schedule. Not to mention that I'm new here so I'm not sure where exactly can I get a good breakfast. Previously I went for nasi dagang nearby which I already know is good. Thank god that I realize I was PMS-ing last night that I cooked extra rice to be made into fried rice for my breakfast today.

I made a simple fried rice and some milo. It has been two days now that I drink milo in the morning instead of coffee. I still made a coffee at work but I just want to see if I will feel any difference cutting out caffeine in the morning as the caffeine didn't really kick in the morning than it is when I'm at work. I ate my breakfast while watching the Collateral. I watched some the previous night and wanted to finish it. I watch most of Tom Cruise's movies except those during his younger years but I never watch Collateral. I liked Tom Cruise's acting for the boyish and cheeky way he acts but in Collateral, he has this more adult and serious business vibes so I just don't feel like it. Not to mention the gray hair. But it turns out good. His acting doesn't leave much impact on me per usual but the plot still carries and the movie turns out to be better than I have expected.

After that, I scrolled through my phone for a while and chill. Then I tidy up a little around the kitchen and wash the dishes. Not like during the first day where I was feeling so lazy and wore a t-shirt to work, I ironed a blouse today. After that, I took a shower and get ready to work. Since I'm having a housemate now, I don't want to worry her by not closing the gate so I make a point to not running out too late so to prevent myself from making excuses not to close the gate when I'm off to work. 

I found a flaw in this house. The thing is, this house has a smaller gate so I have to open both doors to get my car in. Apart from that, the gates always move! So now I need to open both doors to either side to open them, put some bricks to prevent them from moving, get my car in/out and then push away the brick to close the gate back. It was a legit ritual. I'm so getting an automated porch gate if I ever buy a house.

All and all, I appreciate how much better I'm feeling. My work is just the same but I guess the hassle of needing to move out and in turn feeling out of place there kinda takes a toll on me. I was feeling so much better that I don't mind if my old landlord suddenly came up with reasons not to return my deposit. She did return it but it kinda surprises me when the thoughts came and I don't really feel bothered. My new housemate was nice. She was older than me so I guess it feels good to not being the adult in the house. 

That's it. I feel like drinking some chilled water.

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