BMPIL Writing Challenge - Outfits To Work

Jul 3, 2021

My friend and I were told that there is an online meeting next week. I thought it was for all of us but apparently, our two other friends do not receive the invite. To make it more suspicious, we were both scheduled at different time which probably means it's going to be one on one meeting. There are a lot of things that I might or might not have done which can be mentioned in the meeting and honestly, I'm just overthinking this too much but damn I am so anxious.

Here are the outfits and my dirty mirror.

t/w - I'm not one to have the fanciest ootd

Outfit one

There is actually a non-blurry version of this picture but this one is the only one that doesn't make me look like a pregnant woman and the less awkward. One would think my constant selfie with this mirror would make me pose better but it hasn't. Not for all these years. I don't wear this blouse quite often because I was too lazy to iron it as it is longer than my other blouse. I know that is not a legit reason but it is what it is. I only wore this as I actually send this with a bunch of other blouses to a laundry shop near my workplace to be ironed. Also, it is too hot for me to iron anything.

Outfit #2


This is my first time wearing this t-shirt to work. I rarely wore a t-shirt to work and the only time I did was when I was at my low and just don't feel like it. This was one of them. I was tired of moving out and still going to work. Plus, I just hate ironing. Anyway, I was positive that I can pull it off looking a bit more formal with that wide-leg pants but as you can see, it did not. I feel really off the whole day and swore not to wear that t-shirt to work again.

Outfit #3

This was taken at my new place. The existence of this mirror in this new place plus no mess at the back marked that I have succeeded in moving all my stuff from my old place and unpacking most of it. I was actually running late as I tried to tidy up some stuff and lost track of the time. I was so glad to found this knitted sweater in the cupboard or else I will be so late needing to iron my blouse. I guess all those rushing and tidying is why my face made such an expression.

I am reveling in the fact that I don't have the compulsory baju kurung rules anymore. I made a point not to wear baju kurung for at least three months when I started working here. Also here's a picture of me being in love with my white blazer because I was annoyed with the flappy tail of the usual long white coat. I like how it gives me a stronger structure and less hospital-ish vibes.


 I think there is only one take from this topic - I need to clean my mirror. 


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