Roll On : Segmen Blogwalking Pink Ladies 2# : 48 Hour Marathon

Aug 26, 2014

Here come another giveaway. i didn't really get the passion peopl get joining giveaway or calling radio and become number whatever caller so that you can win prizes. the chances are almost none and still there person who still love to play this game of luck. 

not until i get a friend that actually is one of the fellow. and she win. and then i realize. we get nothing to lose even if we try and might end up with thousand ringgit. it didn't sound that bad when i actually see such person alive in front of me.

so why not. i never win anything like this. i think i should continue trying and who knows, Allah have write down our rezeki right. 

i would love to become a better blogger. with that i need to have a good blog. and here i am writing in english when most of my traffic come from Malaysia. bad move but i like writing in english. in kind of feel more like me.

for the GA organizer. i am deeply sorry if i trouble you with my messed up english.


pink ladies. i don't really dig in this pink idea. don't call me a conpiracist but i really think the idea to say pink is sinonym to women is western side of idea. i mean just look how we come about. our history back then. it's quite ridiculous to say how pink symblolize women back then right? i don't even understand how pink is women. the main impression of people liking pink is that they are to be soft and gullible. childish and ooverly pampered.

i don't despise a person liking pink. i am just not that kind of person. not like that kind of person who didn't like pink, i just don't like the idea of having to do what everyone do because everyone is doing it. seems quite a lot of these now.

how i see people like pink today is confidence. it's their favourite and peoples stigma about people that like pink seems to belittle them. but they choose to stand out. it build confidence. 

i'm sorry if i give a monotone kind of vibe. i having this headache all day long and it affect my mood. i'm quite cranky today.

dear Mind Meld, i like your motto.the three keys. it is something. it is more than something. 

btw, there is something wrong with the "heart link"  

sorry for the short essay. i am quite taken away.



  1. thanks for such a beautiful thought :) by the way, everyone has their very own point of view, and i highly respect your words. Keep writing, and you shall be an awesome blogger one day !
    thanks for joining :D happy blogwalking

  2. sila lalu lalu.. hehe :D

  3. singgah dari segmen yang sama