Poem : Falling.

Mar 20, 2017

So he was there.
A smoldering fire.
An exciting energy.
Enchanting me.
Making me breathlessly enchanted.
Oh stop your torturous smile!

He was there, a smug.
Enlighten me.
Do tell me.
How affection stupify,
Does love justifies stupidity.
Oh my i'm lost.
Lost in your eyes.
Those cerulean blue.

He was there,
Making me stupid!
Tad too much, bit unnecessary.
How I wanted to study him,
His expressions and feels.
Anything of him.
Everything of him.

He is fucking still was there,
And I fell for whom he showed me.
Knowing if of a true self,
I might no more.
I might still be.
But hell,
I fell for you now. Stupidly stupified.
His voice an enchantment.
Here I am now.
spell bound.

p/s : i am not in love or something. Just have read too many fluffy supernatural fanfiction.


  1. Loves! Lol, it makes me somehow remembered a poetry by Bibsy Soenharjo - He Had Such A Quiet Eyes lol but obviously with different feelings and meaning :D Yours sound more witty XD

    1. omg NOOOOOOO. haha. I went ahead and read that poem and yeah, totally the opposite. Mine was a real joyful guy and also as you has perfectly understood it, he is witty!

  2. Nice! Feels like reading something from Lang Leav :)