Eating Manjung : Uncle Zul Cafe 769

Mar 31, 2017

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I have been eyeing this place for the longest time and finally got the chance to go there. It is such a cool place for breakfast!
I have been eyeing this place for the longest time and finally got the chance to go there. It is such a cool place for breakfast!

The cafe is located in Pejabat Tanah Daerah Manjung. Yup, it is sort of their own cafe. Usually, I got this idea that government related places would have the most boring eateries but this cafe is totally the opposite. From the rustic chalkboard menus and the wooden seating place, it gives these hipster vibes that most cafe aims for. Although it is an open place (the seats were sort of on the porch instead of inside brick walls) since it is located inside the Pejabat Tanah Daerah Manjung with brick walls all around and a little bit isolated from other buildings, it is still quite intimate.

Apart from that, the variety of foods is just exciting. They got English breakfast, quite a handful types of delicious rice dish, wantan and even roti goyang. I have only been there for breakfast, so I didn't really get to taste some of the dish made to be eaten with rice as it is only prepared for lunch. However, fret not as I actually tasted few of the breakfast menu and of course I have taken photos of the foods, I'll be describing the food in the caption.

Just keep on watching to see each price because I am eagerly still want to make a gif of these menus.
This is not supposed to be a gif but well~
Nasi Goreng Crispy - The crispy bits refers to the fried batter dipped chicken pieces.
The fried rice is well flavoured complete with eggs, some fishcakes, some peas and diced carrots but most importantly it is moist-ish. I hated when my fried rice become too dry.
The first picture is their American Breakfast while the second one is their omelette cheese
Both dishes are the same in every sense except that the second one, the omelette have cheese in it.
I like the garlic bread so much and the fact that they put chicken ham as well.

Their mee wantan
It comes with the soup. The fried wantan noodle is quite nice but it is plain since they didn\t have any topping like chicken char siew or something. But the soup bits is fulfilling and it is well flavoured.
The roti goyang
I gotta say this is my favourite. Since the dish is so damn simple I am really particular on how they seasoned the bread.
The bread is toasted nicely with plenty of butter and salt. I think they made it garlic-ish. It goes so well with the half boiled egg

Do people really go for heavy flavour for breakfast because Malaysians food does a have lots of flavour. As for me, these well flavoured and fulfilling dish would make my day. All and all, the food are simple but good. The price is affordable and there is something for everyone.

If they got roti canai it would be perfect.


  1. Ooo... Kat dalam pejabat tanah rupanya! Pernah dengar, tapi tak pulak tau kat mana. Kite kat seri iskandar je pun, bukannya jauh! Haha..

    1. datang jgn tak datang tp bukak ikot office hour.