Roll On: Sunshine Blogger Award - Anwar Hadi version

Mar 8, 2017

Yes, apparently, indeed gratefully, he has taken up the challenge to answer my questions. It is a pleasant reading so guys, GO-CHECK-THEM-OUT.


If anyone has been to my blog for the past few days, you'd notice how the templates keep on changing and at some moment, I made my blog private. You'd think, after the second time changing the theme in the course of two months is hard work, try for the third time. I did that. It's indeed craziness. 

I had to change it since the last theme wasn't responding in the mobile version and I had been too aesthetically pleasing to let you guys roam my blog on that hideous Blogger templates ones.

Delightfully, every template is just not right. I spend hours (yay, unemployment) and manage to only stress out myself. I don't like this current theme as well. It is frustratingly frustrating.

But we gonna go pass that because I need a change of mind.

Let's start answering Anwar Hadi's questions.

1. If you had a time machine, and that time machine could travel both backwards and forwards in time, when would you travel to and why? What would you do there?

I'm not travelling to the future or try to change anything. I think I'd go to P. Ramlee's era and be in the city or something and just absorb the cultures at the times. I'm quite fond on how Walid always tells he hangs out in Penang and actually listen to small gigs by Alleycats.

2. What's one thing you spend too much money on but don't regret?

I think this question calls on pampering ourselves kind of spending too much. I'd say those rm40++ on lunch at Sukiya. The meat was so good. I had never spent that much money on my own meal and I don't know if I ever will do it again but for whatever on my head at the time, I still went for it and never has regretted it.

3. What's one thing you own that you should probably throw away but never will?

I don't get attached to things. All worn out and replaced things would be thrown away.

4. What's something you thought was true for a long time until you found out that you were wrong?

It used to be that I just left the peoples who were not compatible with me or simply just too much work. Especially if I have to be on this thin line between caring for their feelings and being myself. It is somewhat wrong as I must always try to accept people's flaws. It is important to stay true to myself but I must know the difference between being true and not losing my own identity versus being proud that I am somewhat better. Over some time I realised relationship means all those hard works to accept others and how it does not mean to be a hypocrite.

5. What is the best possible future discovery or invention?

Since I knew a bit of science, the ability to create something out of thin air is purely only Allah's work. I'd go for flying cars. The probability to be everywhere easier and faster always tempts me.

6. What is the worst piece of advice you have ever received?

Geez, try being heavily acned and you'll get all kinds of beauty advice from just about everyone. The winning advice would be that random makcik at the supermarket near here saying I should stop eat soy sauce as it made the scars darker. Just what? I mean who on earth eat soy sauce on daily basis to even concludes such conclusion and not even to mention how racist is peoples with foods in the colour of black.

7. Do you think you are "weird"? Why or why not?

If #1 being avidly fanatics over a tv-show that not even aired in nationals tv and #2 had never cared since from my birth for whatever kind of Malaysian entertainments but just know #3 kinda a bit too much on western celebrities plus have #4 a thing for disliking books in Bahasa Malaysia are weird then I am weird I guess. These were the kinds of things that made me different from my peers in UKM. It is a bit not so fun not having anyone to shares my "passion". I'm not weird really. I am just me. No one is weird. In current diversities the world's offer, there is a place for everyone. We just fit better somewhere than others.

8. What was the last question you answered "I don't know" to? Did you ever try to find out the answer?

My sister asked me if I knew about the story of a sinking ferry in South Korea. I don't know obviously. She proceeds to tell and it is an eerie story which then I decided not to pursue more. After all, Angah has told all the necessary facts including how her favourite kpop group, BTS, giving donations to the deceased families. It turns out there is corruption thingy which ended up the deceased family does not receive any compensation, even the government has been little to no help. The plot twist is that, since BTS has been doing donations, it implies that they oppose the government and been into some troubles after that.

9. If you were forced to work a job that you're not passionate about for 20 years, but you get to choose what that job is, what would it be?

I really really don't know. Even now I'm not really sure what is it I am passionate about. I knew it would be pharmacy related but pharmacy itself offers many kinds of opportunities. I guess something that would allow me to frequently meets new peoples or generally new things which might take up the dullness. Or do I need to choose some dull job? If that so, something repetitive so that I can work mindlessly and of course not relating to other people's life.

10. What has art (paintings, literature, movies, songs, etc.) taught you that nothing else has ever been able to?

A book, Paper Town by John Green. This is actually the starting point for the answer in #4.

11. Nak makan kat mana?
Seoul Garden. Entah bila nak pegi dok plan tak jadi ja.


  1. Seoul Garden is an awesome place to eat!

    1. I know. There are just lots of things to eat!

  2. New template looks neat :)

    and I just ate at sunway's mall seoul garden and was a tad bit disappointed as the taste is not that good compared to the hype

    1. Actually, that is why I said Sukiya is so good. Seoul Garden wins for the lots of choices but somehow quite plain isn't it? I think the meat and the broth in Sukiya are wayyy better.

  3. I love seoul garden and had been repeating it each time I had money but I've never been to Sukiya before.. haha

    1. You should really try it! I only been to Seoul Garden for 2 or 3 times and actually swore myself never to go there again because it kinda bores me now. I don't know why I suddenly have this craving.

  4. Siqah tak pernah ke Sukiya. Boleh cuba lah pasni. Seoul Garden, adalah beberapa kali pergi. Cuma tak minat sangat kot. Harga mahal dan makanan macam biasa je. For me lah. Hiks.