Eating Manjung : HARUMi Restaurant

Mar 6, 2017

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It was a very late lunch. Something past three and I suggest for HARUMi since their flyers and banners were EVERYWHERE. Firstly, I saw the banners at few places around Manjung where people put banners and my impression was, this is the first time I saw a new restaurant around here doing massive advertising work. Then there were flyers thrown from house to house like these guys were persistent. What made me really really want to try it is that I start saw their advertisement out of Manjung as we were heading to Puchong. Now, I just have to try it lah kan.

With that, here it is, my very first entry for my new project - Eating Manjung

HARUMi is a new fast food restaurant franchise and actually a join venture of Malaysian based company with a company in Taiwan called D.B.E Gurney Resources Sdn. Bhd (source). Actually, after this hit of advertisement, there are small kiosks like those Uncle Bob fried chicken using HARUMi's product which can found around here. There is one, a food truck, which can be found at night in Lumut. I saw it last night. There is also one small stall at the weekly pasar malam here. The other day I saw a new one opened in Seri Iskandar as well.

Their main product - the chickens

The drinks

Sadly we got full so we didn't order the burgers

Sorry, I thought the picture was clear.
A really cozy and family kind of restaurant

Spacious as well, and yeah, we are the only customers at that time

The chicken chop which I swear those sauce taste somewhat the Maggi ones

The set with rice and that is sambal not chili sauce. They got curry as well

The drinks were not on plastic cups apparently

I'm not sure if you saw it but the chicken cutlets were quite small but it is rather justifiable with the cheap price. It is nicely seasoned and the touch of spices are good. The sambal is delicious, spicy and sweet which is usually the go to for sambal. However, since it is a franchise restaurant we were looking for some signature taste but there isn't any. Apart from the chicken which is just a little bit different from the the typical Uncle Best and Uncle Bob, everything else on the plate was rather plain too. It taste good but there isn't any identity. The whole idea of us trying the place is to taste the main product and wanted to be at awe with new thing, It kinda felt like mehh.

Maybe I should try the whole chicken set. They might be more exciting. 

Figures, if I went there again, I'll went for the burgers or the whole chicken set. My sibling aren't coming though since they kinda hated it. However, if you check out their Facebook page, most of the customers left with satisfaction, except during Chinese New Year, I think they were understaffed since most complaint were about the service itself.

I drank too many coffee today.

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  1. Tetibe rasa nak makan ayam uncle bob. Awaklah niii.... 😭😭😭