Part One: Let's Do This

Mar 9, 2017

"Does the heights appeals you?",

Maria asked while her eyes still fixed on her phone. Too engrossed checking the mails and replying the one needing immediate attention. She was too busy for her own good. Or that is what her mom always say. Always on her phone, always tending to her employer, always need to do just one more thing for "work" like she is some kind of assistant specially made to cater her employer every need. For the hundredth times, she had explained, that she is indeed a personal assistant. 

Being a personal assistant to a perfect employer she has never asked for surely left her with no choice but giving her best. She has been eagerly wanting to be good because not as what her mother thought, her employer is indeed a nice human being. A nice, workaholic human being.

Her employer pays well and for the routine 2 weeks yearly vacation, she gets with flight tickets all on the company expenses truly made her work bearable.

Maria was too busy to even realize that the one being asked is not answering. Maria did not realize that since she is still a bit too fixed to her phone. She is so going to have eye problem. The lady in ivory white top matched with a long cardigan and a pair of black palazzo pant slowly walked across the living room in silence totally oblivion to the question. Her left hand stretch out and her index fingers grazing the textured walls. She stilled for a moment, turning her head slightly to the right, soaking in the minimalist design of the living room. Mostly fixed to the large luscious white carpet and a big L-shaped couch.

On the other side of the room, a large 54 inch plasma tv adorned on top of a steel cabinet. No fancy speakers nor DVD players. Only the tv with a comfy couch in front of it.

She then turned her head and continue walking towards to the two meter high curtain. Her curious fingers graze the material and her lips quirk a small smile adoring the blue pastel colour. She click on a switch placed beside the curtain and slowly the curtain lifted up automatically. She walked to the center of the room, as the curtain lifted up, revealing a massive glass panel stretching through the entire room.

The height had placed the people on the ground an ant small. Cars stilled on the traffic and people had moving all over the places. A bustling city. Everyone with issues of their own, mostly oblivious to others. But from here, it is quite. Leaving the stories made up in our own little mind figuring not even a fracture. The quietness may implies emptiness but how can it be when it is in the middle of almost two millions people.

"It does", she finally answered.

Maria stop fumbling over her work and turn her gaze to her back. Maria's eyes soften and her lips form a loving smile. Grateful that her employer has finally found a nice place to settle in after weeks of moving around. Even more grateful that she finally choses this one after rejecting few others before.

"I'm glad it does. So, in two days, Wardah would be launch officially. All major cities has now been confirmed and each one premise has been placed with a trained promoter. Will you.."
"Maria, has all the monthly expenses for the Maahad been settled?"

Maria stunned a while having her report interupted. Being the efficient girl she is, she blinked away the confusion and quickly gathers her focus.

"Yes, as soon as the bills were out, as usual"
"Fatimah and Yusuf has confirmed to attend the dinner"
"I will notice the restaurant"
"Who had attend Father today at the Maahad?"

She then put her handbag down on the floor and turn around fixing her attention to Maria.

"Have Syafiqah took a couple of photos of this place. Come tomorrow night when I'm having dinner with my family. Put up good words about the kid who had designed this"
"About earlier, I will attend Wardah's grand opening"

The question had not even been asked yet now have been answered. Maria again seems confused but as usual had easily understand her employer like she has always been and that is thought to be one of the reason Maria have lasted more than two years now as her personal assistant. Even with the perks, it was jarring to hear how her employer keeps on changing her PA's because they just can't work with her. It was said that this job is tough but since Maria only know a tough game. It proves to be one tough game but she has never been so satisfied with her life that she is right now. She really does love her job.

"Ok. By the way, that girl that you choose to be your driver, she has confirmed to be able to serves you tomorrow. It seems like her semester break has started yesterday"
"Great, have her come here and meet me at the lobby by 9 am"
"Noted. Is there anything else?"
"No. You can go home now"

Maria gave her a small smile and turn around heading for the door. It was a tiring day indeed and now she need to be resting adequately since tomorrow would be a big day. It dawned on her why does her employer still insist having the family dinner tomorrow when she supposed to focus on her new clothing line being nationally launch. Wardah is a big deal. A year of thorough and personal hardwork deal. Just about a step more to the door she heard her name called and quickly turn around.

"Thank you for everything"

Maria can never be familiar with such honesty in the thanks she get from her. Not when she is being so sincere when Maria simply doing her job, living up to everything she has gained from the job.

"Your welcome Miss"


i kept this in my note for far too long. pray that i will finish. i just want to finish the story.

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