roll on : Malaysian role model gettin so so so ??

Jan 4, 2012


i am suprise to know the news about malaysian dear miss amalina che bakri who actually get a culture shock and change tremendously during her stay at UK.

who thought it will actually come into this?

whatever.. how about me now? argghhh.. i cant focus on my study. and get not so good result on my quiz. i pass lah but not very satisfy with it.

taking it positively and remind myself 'ada hikmah ni'

well.. i love reading in way that i will understand the thing that i read and not be burden by it. in some way i actually can memorize some of the fact without actually need to memorize it like crazy, that is my style.

and when come to this condition. i just want to escape ( get a sweater, put on the hood, sneak out from the room quietly and go to the computer room. ONLINE. )


oh ya.. i have a great crush on james mcavoy..he is so hot!

some wise word for me :

Stress is not what happen to us. Its our response to what happen. And response is something that we can choose.
by : Maureen Killoran

and some pray :

"cukuplah Allah (menjadi Penolong) kpd kami dan Dia adalah sebaik baik Pelindung"

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