Roll on : LIFE

May 1, 2012


How is life? Great?

if you are to answer about your bf/gf or your friends. Or your tonnes of homework and the never become easier studies. Your family problem or whatever. Save it to your self cause I do have a little bit of those and do not need to hear others. What I am focusing here is what many of us may did not notice this one really important thing about life. What actually you want to do with your life?

We failed to ask ourselves, what matters the most ? What do we need to aim? What future held for u?. We end up knowing nothing ! Aren't this bothers you?

Do you really thing that life is all about getting good results in exam for a good steady work in the future? And then what? This is what makes me worries the most. Not many people at my age notice this particular thing because they are all messed up with the world. The world where everything is prepared by their parent. Internet is simply for Facebook and twitter. Care most about either become the most famous or become not bothering others. We know nothing about life.


And I am too like that. I don't want to be blind anymore so I need to find myself a purpose and too be truth I just didn't find it. Yet. 

I feel this emptiness such that I do nothing actually. I do what everyone do. The good result only give me a short satisfaction and sometime it does feels like nothing. 

Lastly, it hits me. It all goes back to Islam. My Din. My beliefs. We separate our life with our religion and it is totally wrong. Our life based on our religion. Our Iman! I studied because my religion thought me so. We are need to use akal that were given to us so we can properly think and observe anything and realise this is Allah will. We need to study to improve our community. And many more. 

We do everything for a reason and Islam clarifies that. Everything happens for a reason and we need to find that reason. So now, ask yourself again, sincerely, how is life?

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