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Nov 2, 2013

so, i finished my mid semester exam. 

one week of non stop studying. build up of stress and tiredness and some how at this kind of time, i always feel kind of thing empty feeling. since i want to focus on my studying and i build this distance of me with my usual friend that i always hang out with, and this quite a heart breaking moment though. it just that i feel quite hard to give effort for them since i start to focus on one thing, i 'll forget the rest. this is so not good for my social life, to live a separate life every now and then. need to improve on this. 

usually, this empty feeling may cause of "i don't know what to do" and actually "quite lazy to do anything". i would always prefer to spend this time by having a blast with my friend, it just that, with busy schedule and some annoying event happen here and there, it is quite hard. 

but i do i went out though. i went for Times Square and have my dinner at Vivo. I dont like it so much. their menu is quite plain. the taste also. didnt plan to go out actually, i simply join my other friends who have plan earlier to go out and even suggest them to try out some new and interesting place. that is how we ended up at Vivo. 

i don't own this.

so, the point is, i can be quite unpredictable. it is not like weird or what but at my kind of atmosphere, it kinda does. wie are the nerd. bring the crowd out. applause.

argh. what wrong lah with me. i want to say things but i can't as i feel it is quite not appropriate. to blog it out i mean.

oh ya. set up a list i need to take of during my one week mid semester break.

  1. my Pharmacy Practice course assignment. a video. due this monday. 
  2. edit picture for Epharmaline UKM magazine paperwork.
  3. call for sponsorship request for FiMa. this is going to be tense.
  4. gather materials for Immunology course assignment. also a video.
  5. deal with Dr Mohd for exhibition material. btw. Dr Mohd is hot. :)
  6. set up be a better person than yesterday plan. 
  7. and also plan on better lifestyle. diet adjustment plus routine exercise. getting fat lah me. :'(
  8. get my printer fix.
  9. oh ya. plan for my facial treatment. need to be seriousssssssssssssssssssssss.
  10. point out things that being covered in mid semester exam. for my juniors reference.
  11. point out things i always do that have to be stop.
  12. study plan also needed. no more excuse of not enough time to study.

basically, i want to reinvent myself. i got this kesedaran during this one week exam. i always want to do this reinvent myself thing but i either stucked or simply failed to follow the plan. but the determination feeling this time was quite lain daripada yang lain. maybe because i'm getting tired of not able to have good self dicipline. or maybe the idea that i'm getting older bothers me as i keep on my old and non productive way. yup. there is another one to my list. need to build self dicipline

#will post this planssssssssss of mine once i got it all fix. pray the best for me <3

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