Roll On : My Short Trip To Philipines (3)

Sep 9, 2014

So, during the third day, 1 July 2014, the official pharmacy thingy programmes have started. For today we only focused on knowing the various society within UST Faculty Of Pharmacy. Here in UKM, we only have pharmacy course under Faculty Of Pharmacy. But in UST they have 4 undergraduate programmes. Having like multiple society for each course in the faculty, we have been entertained by the Clinical Pharmacy Society, Junior Pharmacists' Association - Gamma Chapter and Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council  during our whole week staying there. We were truly grateful for UST to have such amazing students willing to entertained us during their summer break.

Ok. Basically, we were presenting the activities and what we do in UKM. The extra-curricular activities of course. Typical boring thing. Both universities having same goal but different way of approaching it. UST student seems more excited on becoming a society member and willing to go all the way. Here in UKM we were just as excited but we didn't actually really able to show it or meaning the passion the really do it. Not many were that excited also and it does take a toll on everyone. But the main problems are the lack of confidence and the ability to become a great team. Yahh. That is totally a very big problem.

Well, it is my opinion only~

They also have this group of students which i didn't notice from which course  that do a research about pneumonia. they enter this sort of contest held by whatever organisation and become top something. when they able to reach that stage they were given a sum of money to further help whatever part of the study they were doing. imagine you do a research on how pneumonia affect peoples and then where given some money to actually make a difference. it was such a great oppurtunity.

Finishing the talk, we went to see the department regarding student affair. Something like JPPEL here. They tell us how they handle flood, tornado, earthquake and things like that. it seems that they frequently experienced this. they will provide food for the students trapped and take care of the students until everythings safe. They also tell us that there will have this big drill involving peoples who live around UST which means the Manila citizens. It will be held on the next day and we will have to join it also. The reasons this big drill need to held here because UST have the biggest free space in the area which is their field. I'll upload the picture on the next post.

But the most unique thing is the explained to us how the structure there are made to be earthquake tolerance. it seems that it can move a little according to the tense thus making the building stand stabil. Cool huh?

 When that talk finish, we then finally taken for a campus tour around the ever beautiful UST and after the tour, we witness even more amazing beauty they have. 

Let the-not-so-good-quality pictures do the talk. Hehe.

this is newly made. in celebration of 400th anniversary of UST.

amazing botanical garden!

their own cathedral

this bell were just outside the cathedral. if i'm not mistaken it will be rang if they will be having a mass.

more beautiful landscape :D

student activity room. clubs here have their own activity room. we have so in Bangi but in KL we do not!
le library~

it is under renovation so we couldn't see much :'(
that white uniform is actually the uniform the wear to class daily

i think that is all then. till next time. tata!

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