Roll On : Attention to Exco Multimedia ! (UKM KL)

Oct 19, 2014

i love designing and stuff but i don't really have that creative of a mind but still i could give a say on touch up thingy.

but if you love much on something, nothing should stop you right? so i got myself cracked After Effect and Photoshop software.

ask me if you want it!

anyway. since i have these but ain't a good designer i'm starting by using free templates which kind of took me forever to find! especially the After Effect one's since i'm using a CS4 version due to my laptop being a 32bit OS.

funny story. on the day we buy the laptop, i emphasize to my dad that i wouldn't be needing the 64 bit OS one's since it would just be wasting my money as the workers there told me it is something important if you're an engineering student. being a total noob i was like, "i'm going to study on drugs. ain't no very the fancy laptop would be needed there!"

quite regretting it now~ a little-lah

ok. the purpose of this post is that we do lots of programmes here in UKM KL and sadly we don't have much peoples talented enough to accomodate all these program thus giving a da-bomb kind of poster. Exco Multimedia is the one who is responsible. it is such a saddening news as these program were so cool but we couldn't reflect much by the patch-up poster.

so i thought we should light up these gloom as we do able to do striking poster without much work or talent!

just a bit of hardwork and asking around "does this look good?"

FIRSTLY, lemme show you the posters i have done which is using the FREE TEMPLATES.

I don't do many since i don't dig in to become Exco Multimedia each time. As you see, i simply change the words and adjust here and there, change the background as needed and VOILA!

for those beginners out there, you'll be amaze how simple actually to design a poster when you study how the pro's do it. it also help as you go around the software thus making you more comfortable on using the software.

there is quite a lot of template i have download as my collection. for UKM KL Exco Multimedia you can find me to get these templates. i would be delighted to help make UKM KL programs seems cooler.

the video during this 2014/2015 Majlis Ikrar the other day, we were using the After Effect template also. it was so easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

much of my poster template i got it from here 

these peoples are just awesome for giving such a well made templates for free.

i couldn't upload the video though. but you could check up this, this and this

yes. i have these. just ask if you need it.




  1. Great sharing indeed. Hehe.. Ya, it seems the OS (windows & mac) are going towards 64-bit, still, you can do wonders with CS4 version.

    Keep sharing useful info like this. I'm looking forward to it.

    Cheers. :)

    1. i hope i would be able to do so to! thanks :)