Roll On : Random Pharmacy Students @ UKMKL Pictures (Part 1)

Nov 11, 2014

I love taking pictures and i usually take random pictures on my surrounding. I thought, for those who are interested to know how a student life might be, these pictures could tell you a lot. Especially if you are a pharmacy student in UKM KL of course.

At last these pictures are actually of a use. Well, sort of~

one thing about pharmacy, we are also sort of a chemist. Chemistry is so important here that we were actually asked to bring some plasticine and toothpick to during hybridisation lecture. Mind yourselves, a lecture! Not a workshop!

This is my window view when i was in my first year. Right in front of Dewan Serbaguna (DSG). The perks is you can actually timed when you need to go to the events held there. That is chocolate tart. Super delicious and only cost RM2.50. But it it quite tricky to get new stock so we didn't sell it anymore. Oh, i forget to mention that we sell this tart to fund Gema Amal Insan. That smiley paper clip was given by Badar during Minggu Pengenalan Persatuan. Now that i saw this, i think i have lost this clip~

It was quite early in the morning and these three cats were sort of lepak at the stairs. It was such a pleasant morning view. Actually it was quite weird because they rarely hang around the stairs. Somehow, they seems sleepy which is make it so adorable!

We thought we would want to buy outside for dinner that day so we head for a restaurant near Tasik Titiwangsa, with my scooter of course. It seems it would take forever for our order to cook so went to other side of the restaurant to have some ABC and teh tarik (below) while waiting. It was more fun to enjoy these little treats when you are surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Tasik Titiwangsa.

forgive my perasan pose. But i really thought i should share this. This is me hanging out with my sister, Nadia. We went for MidValley. It was my first trip there. Their food court were so great. I really suggest you all to go there!

We get this glow in the dark stick when attending a concert (at DSG). There is In-Team and Raqib Majid and our own Hafiz Zainal. Hafiz Zainal took dental course here~ The performances was great and we really enjoyed oursleves.Btw, it is actually a themed concert whereby we were asked to wear jubah and we did!

visiting Balai Seni Lukis Negara. I love looking at this kind of stuff and understand nothing on why is it so damn expensive. The entry was free so we were simply like jom la jalan-jalan dalam balai seni. funnily, very few of us do actually visit here. they claimed it to be boring. i think it is much fun though!

another art~

and that is it for this first part!

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