Roll On : Run For The Deaf 2014 and Sukiya

Dec 7, 2014

So, I volunteer myself in this event. Together with some of my coursemates. We went there early in the morning like 6 or something but still quite late (taxi tak ada la tunggu org la apela) and have our actual duty been replaced by others ; which is a checkpoint person. But we got to be the one who gives out the goodies bag. I like giving free things to people. Hee~

Actually, it is really nice since we just hang around the finish line. Eventually everyone have to be here. I gotta say this is  really Allah work. You may ask for something, but He give you a different thing but just the thing that you NEED.

Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. (2:216)

It gotta be quite awkward since these runners are quite not-so-conservative whereby they might touch touch which is not like they are pervert or somewhat but it just makes me really not comfortable. Deeply feel "Alhamdulillah dtg lambat" actually.

We even befriend with this England's kid named Amanda. She is actually the daughter of the person who organize the event. She got this boy from Sabah that hang around with her. We very much enjoy this two kids company. I can't remember his name though. 

But Amanda is rather annoying. She keep on "forces" us to play with her and her imagination was far beyond our comprehension. But she still is a cute and nice kid. She is rather outspoken as compared to normal Malaysian kids and not to forget a high imagination capability and she ain't shy of showing it off. The boy though as if she loses her mind and say to us she is "macam tak betul". 

I gotta to say that boy have some guts (?) to play with Amanda. Hopefully he can learn something, like to be as confident as her.

Enough kids story, back to bussiness.

Actually our felo is the one in charge of having us, some UKMs students, to do this volunteering job. That is how i manage to get this volunteer job. It is only then i realize that there is quite a number of fun volunteering job out there. We get to know new peoples and gain new experience. It was really a day well spent!

After that, we went for Sukiya at Pavillion. I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE.

yet it is really expensive. about RM35 per person. Oh, Sukiya is a steamboat place. We got to choose the soup that we want with no extra charge (Seoul garden charge extra okayyyy) and end up choosing all 4. I can't remeber the name of the soup but one of it like tomyam, another is like plain chicken soup and even have this sort of soy soup. They give chicken, beef and even lamb meat!

The meat is not marinated with anything if i'm not mistaken so we could enjoy the superbly fresh meaty taste and i gotta to say the soy soup one was really the best as it make the meat sweeter. They got all sort of veggies, and sushi and icecream and it it almost 4am now and i am hungry.

Let the pictures do the rest then~ 

becoming inpatient as they delay the staring time due to kena wait for someone. the organizer kena boo kot!

finishers medal boxes. GOLD medal boxes. Fancy gila international event ni.

timed the time the start to run! do your best peeps!

trying to become pro photographer with no pro camera. T___T

it was so early that even the coffee shop pon tak bukak lagi. grrr.

we need to cross the numbers so that they didn't take extra. still have some who takes extra and told us like bendda tu banyak what. and i'm like, ohmaigod tamaknya manunsiaaaa.

creating a lane people to "guide" the runners to the right path. to free goodies path.

each pot contain to separated soup. they didn't give spoon and fork at first. I ASKED FOR ONE.

there is the soup! another one is missing. i forget to mention that they have the friendliset service ever!

i don't know what is it but it take great. macam pedas pedas manis manis masam masam sikit.

The most unique thing is that since they are deaf, even the peoples who help to organize the event and of course most of the runners, the speak with signs. I love it since no jerit-jerit what ever and they look so compose and confident. Great new things your can see in new setting.

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