Roll On : About losing someone

Feb 15, 2016

So, previously i have stated that i found an interesting writing challenge. I choose the one I felt interested of course. It's going to be about a character losing someone they love.

I chose Dean Winchester at losing his brother Sam Winchester.

Losing is hard. One thing that hurts is understanding the fact there is no tomorrow for us. A total deep black hole. People always say about having someone to fill those hole etc etc.

They are wrong. The idea is those hole were meant to be empty because it actually exist due to that one special person. We only move on. Leaving those holes at the very far back of our life whereby sometimes somehow something will draws us back for us to remember that memory.

Memories. I always amaze at those bad ones. They have the power to "erase" the good ones also. We would then be wondering about all those times which felt surreal. Cause everything only exist in our mind only.

Dean was miserable. He loved Sammy bit too much. Sammy was never actually gone, gone. They bring cheating death into another different level. How he has changed is the part of losing that of concern now.

In the series (up untill the fourth episodes of season 6), Dean lost Sam a few times. The first one of course when he left Dean to pursue his study. But that was totally understandable

The second one was when he kept secret from Dean about Ruby. It was hurting to see how Sam lies when they tell each other everything. Thats why i love the show. The simplicity of their trust is amazing. It is everything between them. It hurts even more when Dean still treating it like the good old days even though he realize Sam is keeping secrets from him.

Understanding the relationship, it is known that whatever the thing is, it is bad. Or else Sam wouldn't keep it a secret. Sam was everything to Dean. When his mom dies and his dad gone all soldier like, he knows that Sam needs him. Dean is always the big brother who need to care for Sam. His entire life was caring for Sam. It is not his fault to love Sam bit too much.

When Sam changed, practically the hole were big. When he chose Ruby over Dean there is no turning back. That hole is sealed now. The whole fourth and fifth season was sad.

Then when Sam dies in season five finale, Dean lived on that fact for a year. That is the third time he lost Sam. Not much cover on this lost but when Sam come back and goes like "hey, i actually dont die lets go hunt back", Dean realize he is losing Sam yet again.

I know there is 11 season altogether. I hope very much their relationship will be back like during season one to three.

I almost forgot. Sam die one time right in front of Dean. This is before Ruby. That episodes was beautiful. Jensen nailed it.

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