Roll On: Cooking Tricks for NOOB

Aug 1, 2016

I've cooked like the laziest lunch ever today. We have lamb and i chose to sort of grill it (using pemanggang ajaib, it's a thing, googled it) and make a soup. Nadia wanted salad so we have raw vege for lunch. We have some mayo that i used to make the dressing. Basically, the reason i say it is the laziest lunch because i can simply let it be on the stove and just wait. I don't even put any onions into the soup because i'm too lazy. It turns out good since it is lamb. The meat itself tasted rich.

I am not a really good cook and the fact i'm doing this post is because i am NOT a good cook. It is the little tricks that i've learned that would help me a lot if i learnt it sooner. So yeah, that is why the tittle was like that. I'm still a noob.

Bear in mind that these are good tips for Malay food and it tasted good for me. So you might want to try it first and decide if you think it tasted good for you too.

1. If you want to fry chicken or fish, instead of only use turmeric powder and salt, put some flour. It made it crunchier.

2. When frying, use low fire (i don't think this term is right but i don't know the real term, so...). You need to cook it longer but it will taste better.

3. Try to use oyster sauce when frying your vegetables. We have gotten used to bland taste for our veges so usually we will not put salt afterward.

4. Catfish will cause the hot oil to splash when frying so please put on lid during frying.

5. When you cook rice using the electric cooker, switch it off when it has cooked. Or else it will cause the rice to stick to the pot.

6. When you cook rice using stove, turn the stove off when the water have dried and the rice was still moist and watery a bit. Of course you need to make sure the rice is not like raw (ie not enough water or cooked too fast). Then put a lid on the pot and took some cloth to cover the whole thing. Let it for some time, the rice will continue to cook nicely with no burnt rice. Hoorayyyy. Mak ngah told me this.

7. Always know the right way to cook a certain food. Especially fish. There are some way of cooking or a specific dish that fit a particular type of fish. Like for example i never enjoyed "ikan kerapu" being fried but loved it steamed or made into soup. Many agreed with this.

8. Don't overcooked vegetable until it become mushy. I think this tips is fairly obvious but i still want to stress it out. Vegetables tasted great as it is and overcooked it will destroy the taste. Chose stir fry! Of course you need to make sure hard vegetables like carrot to be sliced smaller.

9. If you are too lazy to remove the seeds out of the dried chili, cut it horizontally or into long half. Wash it under water using drainer that big enough to let the seeds drained out but not the chili itself. I got one and it is freaking awesome. In case you all wondering, i have not yet found the perfect way to remove the "hot" sensation when washing the chili bare handed.

10. Don't wash the chili barehanded or you will suffer.

11. Soup always tasted better if you let it simmer for a long long time. Since soup always tated quite bland, spice it up with cinnamon and nutmeg.

12. Don't be too strict on the recipe. You don't always need everything. There is this cooking show called Hugh's 3 Good Things. Basically they believed thata good dish always need three main ingredients. I consider Malay's food and the rule still does applied well. Don't troubled yourself to get everything.

13. Slow cooked omelette also tasted great. Whisk it longer to get it fluffier.

Does this help? I sure hope so!

Anyhoo, my last post, that i meant to made public though i'm sure it is not publicize enough, i still didn't check it! I'm quite embarrased.

Have you all heard Closer (The Chainsmoker and Halsey). It is dope!

Dean-mon. I don't own this but of course have it saved in my phone.

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