Roll On : DIY - ing My Make-up Container

Apr 19, 2017


I don't really use make-up but there are some bits of small things that gets everywhere and I really do need a proper place to put them. However, make-up container can cost some and I didn't found one that gonna fit into our dressing table.

This project only took like two hours and that includes waiting for the watercolor to dry so that I can make the second coating.

I only share one creative-ish project on my blog which is the time when I go over the top to re-decorate my study table at UKM. You can read it HERE.
The finished product and look how it fits!

Upper view

Stuff I used

So, the long and bigger cylinder container was actually the tissue roll while the smaller one is the wrapping paper rolls. It's not exactly wrapping paper but both are made of cardboard though the smaller one a bit thicker. The two short cylinders are the masking tape rolls. The blue containers were actually the packaging box for stuff. So it really is just some more cardboard boxes. The whole thing is packed into my shoe box. See how I don't buy anything. Even the shoe box wrapper is my old wrapper that I found recently. I though I have finished it but apparently, it fell behind the dressing table. Even the Buncho watercolor was not mine, it was my sister's.


I glued the wrapping paper onto the shoe box. The packaging boxes were first wrapped with white A4 paper before I painted it blue. The cylinders were cardboard so I just paint it black right away. I made a second coating for everything. 

To make sure the shoe box wrapped neatly, I open Youtube to find out how but I have cut the paper beforehand so I can't use the initial technique that I want but instead I wrap it following this video.

But upon rechecking, the first method I intend to use is actually meant for a closed box. So, I guess I made the right choice at the end. But in case you are wrapping any gift box, I totally recommend following this method for a clean end and surprisingly easy method.

So there you have it!

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  1. Rajennya ber'DIY. Saya kalau datang semangat DIY, buat jugak. Tapi, masalahnya semangat tu jarang sungguh nak datang. Haha :P