Roll On: Announcing The Winner For My Segment.

May 19, 2017

I never thought I would do this thing but here I am.


So, I made a short and easy segment when I notice I got 111k pageview and 444 followers. The segment was only to gain me some new followers. The prize was damn simple - to be featured in my slider thingy for a week.

Without further ado, here are the bloggers who have been darling enough to join. By the way, seriously, thank you for joining and nice to meet you guys!


  1. Mardhiyahh Rosli // Young Blogger - #445
  2. Mazni Munawar // Oh Bulan - #446
  3. Nisa // Panphila - #447
  4. Aiman // HELLOAIMAN - #448
  5. Nurul Atikah // Atikah Tahir - #449
  6. Amer Ridzuan // Amerzing - #450
  7. Naimi Amiesya // NAIMI AMIESYA - #451
  8. Tashira Sha // Oh! Thrillers - #452
  9. Amira Syukrina // Amira Syukrina - #453
  10. Shafyqah Azry // Shafykah Azahar - #454
  11. Eyqin Asyiqin // Stalky Raunchyy - #455

I like it so much to write both the bloggers name and their blog's name. Your name and the words you chose to name your blog is sort of personal and I like to notice that. Anyway, I'm sticking to the rules so I didn't list those who followed and commented after #455. A blogger from this list did not comment so it wouldn't be featured if the said blog was chosen by the random number generator.

So, the winner isssssssssss *insert drum rolls here*

Congratulations Amira Syukrina! The featuring will start next Monday.

Happy Weekend everybody!