Eating Manjung: Project Popiah

Sep 11, 2017

I found my favourite snack in Manjung for a CHEAPER price.

So here is how it all began, when I was in UKM, a friend of mine treat me this vegetable rolls which is sort of a mashup of popiah and sushi (they use nori). It was in some AEON supermarket that she grew "knowledgeable" of as she always tries the food there. At first, I was rather a sceptic since it was only (a lot of) vegetables wrapped up and cost quite expensive (which might be due to the venue). But it tasted so good. The freshness of the vegetables, the hint of creamy sauces and the wrapping up with nori is just a brilliant combination. I only eat it twice and the second chance I get to eat it was also in an Aeon supermarket. Our Aeon supermarket didn't have these so I was so excited to get a good and worthy substitute here in Manjung.

My sister says we are old people because we enjoy simpler tasted food more now like soup and veggies goodness wrapped in nori.

Nori means sea weeds. If anyone confused. Don't ask me why I didn't just spell it seaweed.

So, the other day, the mother of a kid I tutored served me this and (being a makcik that I am) she told me where she bought it, when the shop is opened, the fact that the guys who sells it was inspired because he hated bean sprouts in his popiah, which type that her kid didn't like and I instantly fall in love in the first bite.

All of us actually, my siblings I mean.

Which might or might not be due to the shower of *cough* thousand island sauce 

So it is opened sometime after Zuhur and closed quite early. Like 5pm something because if you're like go there by 5.30pm, it is might likely be closed already. It is also closed on Sundays.

There are three kinds of popiah and our favourite is the one with nori of course, duhh. The nori has added a twist of flavour to the popiah that we just LOVE. You can mix the "Vegetables Popiah" with "Ho Chiak Popiah". The sauce for "Ho Chiak Popiah" is good, intensely flavoured with a hint of spiciness. Just the way I like it. But still, I enjoy the one without the sauce more because I'm boring~

look at the portion!

my Redmi 1S being so good for me in taking a good picture

This shop is located near Pasaraya Sakan, just beside TF Mart. I have crossed the road so religiously but had never noticed this shop! The fact that a mother of a kid that I tutored tell me about this just shows how we are meant to be. Popiah and Afifah, my lavh.

Someone stop me.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures I have and don't forget to check their Instagram account or simply use #projectpoppiah. Adios~

we didn't properly manage the food with the chopstick. #truemeleis

Totally loving the cool packaging.

mixing the "Vegetable Popiah" and the "Ho Chiak Popiah"


  1. Okay those popiah looks tempting..! I used to bought the seaweed ones in Aeon Maluri.. Should be grabbing it when I'm back to college later..!

  2. OMG, it's so tempting...
    terliur akak.
    duh, have to do it by myself ...
    ok, let's go for seaweed hunting.

  3. Hmm, sudden regret visiting ur blog after dinner time. Now my stomach feel hungry back. Yaieyy. so bikin terliur eh!

    1. hahahahaha, my skill tangkap gambar ish good lol.