January To Do

Jan 10, 2019

I'm playing Sims mobile because I want to like understand what playing Sims feels like but this mobile is like so basic so I guess it is not a good plan but I'm determined to have my sims married. 

Besides playing Sims, there are plenty of things I want to do this month. However, this post is scheduled to post today (10th January 2019) because traffic and stuff since I just posted my 2019's resolutions a few days ago (but I actually wrote both posts on the same days, talk about inceptions).

Firstly, I dropped that "Roll On" before my post's titles. I'm not actually sure how that started but it feels stupid for 2019 so yeah, goodbye.

Secondly, I've just updated my Pinterest board. I love it so, so much.

Now let's get on to it.

life on track

  1. Two blog posts - list of poetry books I have and 2018 faves part two
  2. Spring Cleaning my blog's labels
  3. Do Hatyai's itinerary planning 
  4. Update 10 poems discussion for Instagram
  5. At least have 5 days with 5k steps
  6. At least have 5 days with 10k steps
  7. Choose two cause to donate monthly
  8. Hang out leisurely with friends (done)
  9. Read 30 pages of Midnight Monologues
  10. At least have two weeks of tracking calories (not necessarily be calorie deficit)
  11. Puasa for two days

That's it!


  1. Have you tried playing The Sims in laptop or PC? I kind of addicted to it but I always on build mood because I just love building and decorating the house.
    I just talked about poem in my blog! Please suggest good poetry book to this newbie.

    1. I'll make sure to let you know when i finally did that post about my poetry books lol.

      Actually, I never play any games on pc or ps xbox etc. I know nothing of these game stuff. 💁

  2. I downloaded Sims last month because I'm bored and the game feels meh. Glad that you drop the roll on lol.

    1. i do feel the meh but im still playing? idk why though. i keep on doing task and let em be mostly because i want to build them fancy house. im surprised that i actually STILL play.

      lol. the roll on is stupid kan. mehh.

  3. I've played the sims mobile crack version cause I hate to wait long. haha, but that was what I used to play, nowaday I dont have enough time for game cause im too busy doing work thingy at home huhu. wait hatyaii? im planning going there this chinese new year, well doesnt have a good planning yet and I still need to prepare more. huhu.

    good luck on ur Jan to do pypa! Lots of love and yeah, I miss you. :P

    1. eh for real?? let's write about it!

    2. which one the I miss you thingy or the hatyai? hehehe

    3. i mean the hatyai thingy but o course you can write a whole essay about missing me cause im that good tbh :P