My Lippies Collection (why on earth i have this much for?)

Mar 2, 2019

from left to right as according to the following pictures as well as how I'll be numbering the review. yeah, the lippies colour doesn't really varies from one another.

This post was initially supposed to be my second part of that cooking thingy (which was supposed to be published in February but moving on). However, I don't have enough material since I don't cook much (it such a hassle since there are plenty of off days which means I go home which means if I buys groceries it will take such a long time to finish which means it will simply go bad and I still have some sweet potato in the fridge ffs)

So instead of that, I'll be writing about my lippies since it is amazing how I have all of these when I put on make-up about five times per month and I only tried so much to at least put a lippy for about once or twice per week.

I was actually just going to simply explain how the colour looks and that is just stupid. I'm doing a lippy review. I need to put pictures lah kan. So now I need to like put on a scarf and put on a lippy and snap a picture and then wipe it off (where is my makeup remover?) and repeat for all seven of it.

1. OMG! Powder Matte Lip Color (code 05 Rosewood) by Silkygirl

This is my favourite kinda nude coloured lipstick. I'm not sure why but nude colour never really works out for me. It either looked too red to be nude or just too pale or maybe because I have a slightly darker lips. But this one is just so nice with hint of rosy. Apparently, I just don't like too nude of a colour as it does looked too "pop out" with it pale-ish tint. But this colour looked so natural and most importantly, my lips doesn't looked sick.

2. Doll Lip Snow Lip Cushion (code coral) by Sendayu Tinggi

I followed Yatie's Instagram cause I loved how she made Sendayu Tinggi looked so classy and I just have to try this one. I wanted to try how the cushion applicator feels which she made it looked so good and it is actually that good. I choose a slightly pinkish orangey colour cause I never buys this kind of colour and I like it. It wasn't drying my lips and so smooth too. It is somewhat  between a lip cream and a lip gloss. 

3. Mlbb Lip Tint (code 04 nude) by Silkygirl

I love this lip tint so much! First of all, it's a lip tint which means the application is simply this smooth gliding and it looks like I don't really put anything. But it have a bitter taste. It was so weird to lick your lip and taste this metallicish thing. The colour is so good so I'm still buying a new one when this runs out.

4. Matte Fever! Lipstick Balm (code 04 siren) by Silkygirl

I bought this years ago for my final year faculty dinner. I wanted a really good flaming red colour. It was a really pleasant memory actually. Buying this I mean. I was fooling around with my friend trying few raging red colours because I wanted a specific red hue which is this one. Not too orangey, just as red and a little bit dark. Every girl need one flaming red lipstick.

5. Lingerie Matte Lipgloss (code 11) by Kiss Beauty

I bought this last Eid, I guess? There is an Eid's bazaar held here and this cosmetic shop was selling their lippies for like RM1, or was it RM2? - the point is, it is really cheap. I know the quality will be bad and I'm not even sure if this is an original product (I've never heard of this brand too lol) but I thought for that cheap price, I can buy one  lip matte in nude colour and just see how it looks. I've never wore a nude lip cream (only swatch it on my hand and never found any that I like). I hate it. It looked so pale and feels so dry. I only use it as a cream eyeshadow instead. It gave a light pinkish colour which looks great as eyeshadow.

6. Matte Junkie Lip Cream (code 05 vixen) by Silkygirl

My cousin gave this to me. The lip cream texture is only a little bit dry and won't really bother much if you let your lips soften by applying lip balm beforehand. It doesn't have the lip gloss feels like the one by Sendayu Tinggi. The colour is beautiful but it wasn't the right shade of red that I like. I usually wore this to give an ombre look because lip cream works better to give that ombre look than a lipstick.

7. Aloe Vera 99 Lipstick by Peinfen

It a knock out fake version of Nature Republic. It was RM5? Anyway, my lips feels so dry and I was desperate (this is the closest shop near my house). I though the aloe vera will helps. It does not. It does feels like glossy and moisturing but it doesn't really help my lips. If you don't have any dry lips problem. this will give you that smooth glossy feels but if you do have dry lips, you can still feel that dryness. However, I didn't know it turns red when you apply it so yay. It's like lip balm with cool red colour instead of that faint pink that some lipbalm gaves out. I don't like lip gloss but this gave just the right hint of glossy and I usually swipe some of my cheek and it gave this glowing, like a really subtle highlighter, which looks so natural. Anyway, back to my desperate search for lip balm but ends up with this, since my lips were still annoyingly dry, I still put on decent clothes and went to the mall and get two lip balms (one for my handbag and one for my work bag).

why the heck he got such full lips?? was this post simply an excuse for me to put picture of his full lips?

That's it. These are some drugstore products only. I don't think I'll ever buy anything pricey cause

1. I don't wear makeup regularly and
2. I like it when water and good amount of scrubbing could easily wipe off the stain.

Reapplying it is a bit inconvenience but to be honest, I hardly reapply it pon.

Now that I think of it, I really just need three lippies - lip balm/lip tint in red (these lip balm/lip tint formula will give a more subtle look), some good natural nudish colour (my go to would be the OMG! Powder Matte Lip Color) and one lip cream with my that specific red tone that I like (something like Doll Lip Snow Lip Cushion but with code siren of Matte Junkie Lip Cream).

Out of all lippies out there, I think lipstick would be my favourite. Or probably a good lip cream. What about you?


  1. Okay I should make a post of mine later on.. hahaha

  2. I only know about Matte Junkie out of all this products. I totally agree with you that the Matte Junkie is quite dry.

    As for me, I currently only have 1 matte liquid lipstick which happens to be my favourite as well :)

    1. That's good. I wonder when will I have only one lippy.

  3. So many! My skin is on a bit of the darker side so it's hard to find a shade that suits me. Tak gelap tapi tak cerah lol

    1. me too. that's why i prefer silkygirl. they have different shades that should work with different lips too.

  4. ehehehe lagi namanya ladies yang. its okay to have more than one. itsss normal kekeke..