Hey June (don´t make it bad)

Jun 10, 2019

Someone tweets that 2020 is in six months and it is rather mind-blowing? That's a whole another decade coming in and I have only finished reading seven books for 2019 lol.

I'm having a headache right now and it is just so sudden. Annoying too. I'll probably be rambling nonsense through this post and things that I have done that I thought I needed to highlight it somewhere,

Yes, I do notice it is already the 10th of June and I should do this post earlier. Omg, my headache is so annoying.

As there is no actual target for May, I won't be doing any recap. Although I did wanted to at least finish Mikhail. I didn't. Mikhail is an easy read and I can manage many pages per sitting but to actually sits and read was a weird kind of problem for me. Like now, I'm currently doing the night shift, and as always, I bring myself a book. However, I decided to bring along Langit Vanilla and start this new read instead of finishing Mikhail. I should really read Mikhail and just be done with it. Langit Vanilla is good though.

I also wear all my baju kurung during May. I wanted to ensure that I wore everything since I did the no baju kurung on April. I don't even need a month. This clothing rules that I made actually make me feel even more secure with my wardrobe and feels guilty to buy more. It just feel like it will be a waste since what I have now is plenty enough. Though I did found some cute blouse that are so cheap and I just have to have it. I bought two. It was a good buy. For June, I'm going to wear all my tudung and shawls. This will be tricky since I need to match it with the right clothes. More ironing I guess.

I got a week of holiday before raya and it was a bliss to just stay home and I even manage to do some tidying up around the house that I didn't get to do it before. But I have to work on the weekend after raya. My rendang turns out good y'all.

I still didn't finish my NaPoWriMo. Between fasting, working and the lack of sleep, I just don't find the will to sit and write poems. 

I realize a friend of mine is rather spoiled or too priviledged? The rich and beautiful kind of privilege that she manifested in her opinions and personality. I think no one says anything because she's pretty (I don't think many realized that she is on the rich side). It wasn't anything major but there's another friend of me that might conjure up the very same type of attitude and I can imagine how bad she's going to be condemned for it. It was in my head for sometime and is a big realization too. I just have to let it out.

Omg, I have eaten painkiller and the effect should have kick in but the headache is still there.

I bought a make up organizer and put all my make up on display instead of in my make up bag so that it is easier for me to actually use it. It looks good. The zipper on the make up bag is broken so I just threw it away.

I actually joins a run on before puasa and there is another one at the end of June. Look at me being al sportyy.

I think June is just restructuring aka "to just be done with it" aka this is going to be my life to do list

  1. NaPoWriMo
  2. Mikhail
  3. Automatic monthly deduction from Maybank (lol random gilaa)
  4. Send my baju batik to the tailor
  5. Video raya for work
  6. Some blog makeover in accordance to my new niche - the pages, about me, tags, yada yadaa
  7. Write a post acccording to the new niche

I think I will update more. I just need my life to have more of that "done" element.

I need to have my car serviced in the morning so let's hope this headache will be gone.

Btw, I did something bad yesterday but I manage to cover it perfectly and no one should be affected by it, but I still have this guilt that I need to somehow confess to someone. What should I do?


  1. This is such a good post! I don't have GAD or symptoms like that, but small things do get to me. And I mean, I'll think about it all day and I get trouble sleeping until I know that it's dealt with. But I'm learning to look at my problems from a wider perspective and get straight to how I should solve the problem than letting it get to me. When I don't do that, i can't think of doing anything else. 😂 I'm getting the hang of things and hopefully I won't worry so much. Thanks for this post!!!

  2. Reading this entry make me feels like you are sitting beside me and casually go through all the things you have done for the month :D

    If it is for a good reason, just confess and welp, get it done!

  3. it feels such way too while i was writing it. it somehow leaves me feeling better.

  4. i read semangat hutan and remembers that i do enjoyed it but then i also remember than adam is so boring. i started reading mikhael about two weeks ago and stil didn't continue it. the point is, don't worry if haruki is not your thing lol. but those two that i have read is so good so please give him another chance 😂

  5. thanks for all your insight! i really appreciate it!! i'll try my best.

  6. awhh, thankss. don't worry about not doing as much. it's totally okayy