One For My ARMY Heart - K-Pop Merch

Nov 1, 2019

I hope that at this stage, everyone knew that I like k-pop and I love BTS.

I have this habit to take pictures of things that I thought would be great for a blog's update yet it usually sits on my phone for the longest time. Sometimes I just deleted it. Then I got this idea to properly organized those pictures into Google drive where I have a specific folder for my blog. That way I can easily access it through my laptop and walla - now I got some free time and I am finally doing this.

part of the mini gallery

I went to this K-pop merchandise shop in Seri Kembangan called K-pop Garden Merchandise. I never knew this kind of shop exists. I only find random BTS or BT21 merchandise in some kiosks at malls. The idea of a shop solely for K-pop merchandise was quite an interesting idea for me. My cousin told me about it and I guess she got the chance to stop by since it is near our aunt's house. I went to KL the other day for this conference thing which ended at noon and took the chance to visit the shop. I was hoping to find some BTS/BT21 phone ring/stand and one big RJ plushies. I was also looking for a small netbook bag.

I found none lol.

I think there's plenty of phone ring but they didn't have that specific design that I want.

See these designs? It wasn't all official merchandise. Yoongi looks so cute lol.

The shop itself is quite modest. I was thinking something chic like a mall's shop but it wasn't even well lighted or air-conditioned. It's not bad of course, I was just not expecting it to be that modest. But their collections were amazing. They got plenty of stuff from lomo cards to t-shirt, assortment of keychain design, really cute tote bags, albums, tumblers, and even BT21 plushies!

The designs were amazing too. I keep on glancing at Blackpink's merchandise because they look so cool and beautiful. I asked the shopkeeper and it seems like she runs the shop with her sister like for years now and the shop was initially in a mall (I forgot which mall). I have also asked if a big RJ plushie is available and she says that she can order it for me and it can be an original one from LINE or a fake one from Chine but it will take time. Probably applicable for other items too.

socks were like the last things I thought they will have


But my favorite would be these posters that they hung up all around the shop which some have signatures. It was like a mini gallery. I guess there are also stuff from fans which I'm not sure how it ended up here. I forgot to ask the shopkeeper. All and all, it was a pleasant experience. Especially in Malaysia where being a K-pop fan was always ridicule, in here it just feels like a normal thing. Just a girl liking songs from a specific boy band.

These are what I got. The lomo card was stashed somewhere in my drawer but I wore that ARMY bomb keychain on my work lanyard together with my work ID.

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