January Recap and Nutox's First Impression Review

Feb 17, 2020

it was supposed to be "Nutox's review" only but I got heavily sidetracked so if you are here for the review just skip until you saw the product's picture

I am not sure what is wrong with me but writing is so hard to come by. Was I busy? I hardly write anything on weekdays that for sure so let's recap what I did on the weekend

1st week of January - I went back home and we didn't do much but we did go to my father's friend's house for lunch. It was exciting because he is such a good cook and indeed the food was amazing!

2nd week of January - I went to see a friend at KL. It was also because I wanted to eat at Seoul Garden and I even managed to get this poetry book by Zack Shah. I did publish my previous post around this time too and told you guys how it was hard for me to focus.

3rd week of January - I got the whole week off and stayed home to do my peeling treatment at Hannan Medispa. I did, however, work the weekend shift. I knew about a job interview mid-week and had to go to Setia Alam the very next Monday for it. It was such a demanding week which is due to the stress of post peeling care, preparing for the interview, the hectic weekend shift due to COVID-19, the said interview and needing to work 8am to 10pm on the following Tuesday. I was so done for.

4th week of January - It was a three days weekend due to CNY and we went to thing amazing orang asli tourism spot at Lasah which is basically this spread of land with a basic pondok-like house (or you can put on a tent). It was made along this river that is so beautiful. It could be a great holiday except for the fact that we aren't well prepared. My dad was told about the place by his friend and he didn't fully grasp the idea that (1) it was so rural it hardly has any shop and hence access to food and (2) it was far into Felda Lasah like an extra one hour drive kind of far. We went again last week and made the best out of it. I might make a post about it in the future (future sounded so vague isn't it?)

it got three mattresses with blankets and pillows and that was it.

5th week of January / 1st week of February - My housemates were transferring to new places the very next week so it was lunch and dinner plans for one last time with gift shopping and more shifts to work. A friend of mine is marrying in the same week so more gift shopping and a chance to meet with my university friends.

LOL, I was supposed to review some products that I have been using which have been pending for months. I stayed in my rented house last week just so that I have some quiet me-time but ended up going out for lunch and karaoke on Friday and went for some sunset sightseeing and dinner at this ikan bakar place that has been forever in our to-do list on Saturday. Another ad-hoc plan and we went to "research" some community pharmacy as my newly hired friend wanted some ideas on how to do her stock shelving on Sunday. We tag along for the promised bangkok noodle and japanese fluffy pancakes.

Ok, just for some good measure, I'll do the said review. 

I am loving Nutox for the moment and considering using this brand more religiously. However, I have only used these for less than a month so for now, it is a "first impression-ish" review but still, I'm seeing such a promising result. I bought these during Guardian's and Watsons's sale earlier this year but the price stated is the normal price but I made it like in range as to how I usually saw the price.

Do note that I am focusing on moisturizing (in which the said product will usually have these "renewing" properties) and sebum control. Do note that most Nutox products focuses on moisturizing. I have oily skin but is currently well controlled provided I'm using the right skincare. So for me to like a product, it must be well absorbed or else my face will be oilier and it must be hydrating to further prevent excess oil production. I take hydration seriously. Having said these, I can assure you that these products work well for my oily skin. 

1. Nutox Renewing Treatment Essence (upper, left) (almost RM60) - I love this thing but I'm not exactly sure how it is improving my skin since I am only half-way through. It is so moisturizing. The slightly viscous liquid texture easily spread on my skin and made my skin feel supple after wearing it. I did have some acne a few days before and decided to lessen my benzoyl peroxide use and focus on cleansing and hydrating (with Neutrogena Hydroboost moisturizer and this essence) and to my surprise, it works! This essence also made my skin feels plump the next day and there was no oily feel as well. With that, I usually only clean my face during lunchtime to prevent overdoing my cleansing. I got a bit sunburnt during our trip to Lasah but after a week of these, it lessens the darkness well and just gave out a healthy glow.

2. Nutox Milk Cleanser (down, left) (around RM25) - I bought this for my sister and also for easy access to cleanser since I only kept Cetaphil at home. I'm an avid user of Cetaphil but Manjung was hotter and the air was thick with dust so I decided to keep a slightly stronger cleanser (or should I say a mild cleanser?). This milk cleanser is so foamy but wasn't harsh at all. It also doesn't feel soapy (?), it just lathers out lots of foam. It feels supple afterward that I didn't mind using it twice daily. The foamy cleansing experience is also a big bonus for me since I always love foamy cleanser but I have been restricting myself with Cetaphil due to how it always dries out my skin afterward.

3. Nutox Astringent Toner (right side, upper and lower)  (around RM25 to RM30) - I had opted out astringent toner for almost two years now. I always make sure my toner is a hydrating one (usually termed as lotion instead). But since I have oily skin, some measure of oil control is needed which is now by using Hannan Medispa Salicyclic Acid cleanser (mild) and this toner. I uses these two as needed but I think the toner wasn't really necessary. I should just use the cleanser only. This toner wasn't as viscous as Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion hence it didn't moisturize as much. It doesn't dry out my skin which is amazing for an astringent toner (the product did say it still moisturizes instead of saying dries out oily skin). But since it wasn't as moisturizing as my Kayman's toner, I usually skip it instead. Products feel is so important for my adherence lol. But if you're looking for a simple and light toner, this is it for you but I would strongly suggest to always use a moisturizer afterward. The packaging however is weird. It sprays but it didn't create a fine mist so I sprays it on my hand and then applies it on my face.

I'll  be using Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion once my Kayman's toner finished. I am not a fan of Kayman. I have been spending and surveying lots for the past few months so finally deciding on Nutox is such a relief.

That's it folks!

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