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Jun 2, 2020

I have started to watch anime again since Netflix is now having a wider range of anime. I thought of finishing Attack on Titan before starting new series but it got too depressing so  I watched Cells At Work. But then I got bored so I randomly started Noragami and it is surprisingly my cup of tea and finished the first season already. I am also currently watching Bungo Stray Dogs and everyone is absurdly good looking.

I got 12 days off for Eid and today is the last day. I just finished tidying my room and finally checks out my laptop after sending it to be formatted a couple of weeks before. I also just did some tweak on this blog that has been delayed since forever. But now I feel like scrolling Etsy for new them and that is how I ended up wanting to write something to commemorate this blog.

I should really write more than simply whining about Covid-19 

Pinterest mood board

I made a BTS-themed pinboard on the right sidebar of my blog. I wanted to create a mood through it and it was hard. Each mood-board took hours and it was totally worth it even though if I am the only one who notices it.

Instagram feed

My poetry account on Instagram has been through multiple changes and my current one fits just so aesthetically-pleasing with my current blog's theme. I have also given more effort to upload more poems so please show some love.

The coolest header ever

My header was the easiest thing I did when I redid the whole blog's design last year. I know exactly what I wanted and by using Canva, it was all done in a jiffy. I thought that I will eventually hated the new name - Crack Culture. Turns out I still loving it until now.


Using Disqus was among the most important thing I wanted in my blog even though it disrupt the old comments. It was all over the place but I don't feel like trying to make some sense into it.lú  Disqus has it flaws but it was amazing how interactive it was. I do hope it stops displaying those "other posts" as it becomes redundant.

About Me page

I am being a tad bit narcissistic am I? I need to update the picture though.

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