I write a little bit of poems and short stories every now and then. This page dedicated as a list of those that I have published. However, most of my poems would be at my other blog. Although I want to update both blogs, the other one is actually a WordPress blog that is far easier for me to update by their android apps. So, most of my poems can be found at http://afifahaddnanblog.wordpress.com/


Dead Poet Society


  1. That One by Your Side
  2. Poison
  3. High On Words
  4. Poetry 101
  5. Falling
  6. A Lost Cause
  7. Affection
  8. Secret Crush
  9. What To Do, What To Do.

Short stories

  1. Harmless Flirtation
  2. Sunday Morning. Monday Ends
  3. Tuan Direktor! Pilih Kasih Eh!!

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