roll : about Ramadhan......................

Aug 27, 2011

its leaving us.....

I dont like it very much, to terawih at surau near my house as many children will be playing mercun. loud and shocking.

during terawih or any solat jemaah, one thing bothers me very much. about the saf.

sometimes it is loosely arranged and not straight.. children will be out and in to the saf like it was nothing. most annoying part is. i dont do anything about. i dont know what to do. the children will be too small too understand me and the elders will be too old for me to tell them whats right and whats wrong. OK. i am giving excuses, i dont have the confidence......

saf need to started from the center and be balance on both side. if you have started your pray and there is gap between you and person besides you, you can take one steps at time to get near to that person. it is limits to three steps only. when you found a big gap in the saf in front of you quickly fill it in. Rasulullah once make a straight line using his sword as an indicatot so that a straight saf is reached.

check this out to learn more about saf. its never too late to learn and it is never a nothing thing too learn.