roll : I DONT KNOW

Aug 25, 2011

i dont know why i want to start this post with "i dont know"

2 weeks holidays is just like when i have finished SPM. Sleep and eat and being everyone PERSONAL ASSISTANT. With weather like now (raining every time) it is no fun to be riding motorcycle. I dont have the courage to be driving a car. Not to mention father's cars is BIG (unser and storm) and remembering him nagging non stop about HOW TO DRIVE is enough to get me off the wheel..

i've been sleeping a head hurts..headache lah..

i've been downloading and playing games..and of course helping my mom with all the chores (well..maybe not all)..and i am not on earth you are going to get 4flat afifah?

call me crazy or geek..but..studying is fun..i get to enjoy it very much when i have the ability to manipulate the knowledge i have to answer questions..and that requires a thorough understanding..hmmm..

dont easily discouraged when fails..and dont be like telling everyone about it..but if that what consoling you..then go ahead..but i seriously dot like doing such thing..i dont like the feeling when too many people symphatize me..i love to tell closest friend of me..


  1. lama xbace post anda.. :))))

  2. you must be bored while writing this post...anyway no matter what you do,i always believe you can do it!because it's your spirit which make me adore(ahem2,don't misunderstand) good luck in your life!