roll on : loud music through your earphone/headphone..and then what?

Dec 10, 2011


i got the tendency to hear loud music through my earphones..the beauty is..i cant hear nothing exceot for the song that plays..and i like it that way..especially when doing calculations..i dont know if it helps me to focus..but somehow..calculating seems fun that way..

my roommates always ask me to lower the volume..yup..if i sit near enough to them..they can actually hear the loudness of my earphone..though i dont think that it is that loud..

through my reading..this hearing damage happens when you are exposed for it for a long period of time..i always have those moment like temporary hearing problem after put off my is normal...i think i am still in good shape as i dont exposed my dear ear to this mechanism for a long period of time because this is actually the thing that people scary of..permanent hearing lost..

well..ear have their limits..just dont exceed that limit-lah

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