roll on : my way to express feeling

Dec 8, 2011


during queuing at the ATM machine, my friend was talking on the phone.. and after finish she was like,

"Pe'ah!! junior kita bunuh diri!"

 you got it right... i am still being called as pe'ah here.. =.=' not the issue..i am very frust with this suicide stuff..and it will be more frustrating if the cause of it is because he/she did not get excellent result in exam. The problem nowadays is..people think that we need to study hard..get excellent result and then you can keep on living..WRONG!!

as a muslim..we need to believe that rezeki is decided by Allah..and it not depend on good result..rezeki is everywhere..if you did not manage to get excellent just mean that it is not your rezeki..

i know this is easy to say but hard to do stuff.. but it is the real deal.. i have a hard time to be in this kind of faith..but..we just have to do that only you can move on..and be succeed,

Btw..who switch LEVERAGE for TENTANG DHIA ??

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