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Jan 13, 2012

roll on : yeah baby..MUET!


org yg perasan ohsem guna english mcm aku mmg tak dapat band 5 or 6. damn. kalau tak dpt soniwakmen free.

i help my friend with their quiz. ohsem. haha. loving studying so far.  and alhamdulillah sehat. this morning. i sleep for awhile around 7.15 a.m. sleeping for half an hour then straight to class.

the main point here. how come such a short nap i managed to get some weird dreams? like very weird..

walla..lovin it!

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  1. saya wartawan dari bbc, adib syazwan
    hahaha! sangat2 osem ouh!

  2. muet dapat band 4 je.. ok r tu kan? =)

  3. what's the dream??common tell2!!