Roll On : Book Fair at PWTC (2014) + some tips!

Aug 14, 2014


I've been to this year Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF). This time i am rather prepared. Well, sort of. I didn't plan to buy anything for me because i was quite busy during studying and didn't enjoy much on reading. Oh btw, the idea of reading was growing inside me. It is really a wonderful way to experience and learn more about life and stuff. Reading will broaden your life. The word broaden your knowledge seems to dry because i am not aiming to be a genius. But life is something else. Reading is very much enriching.

Since i am not much to buy anything for me, i've asked my sister if they want any and end up buying Allegiant , Insurgent and Looking For Alaska. Much to my own surprise, it really much fun than i thought before (read here).I should not have generalised!

But even more surprising is i still buy some books though i am tight budget. I have bought islamic book. Hopefully i could do some review. I don't like to rush writing in my blog but when i am planning to write i'll things of other 100 things i need to do. I should focus myself on one thing at a time. Sigh~

 Before i tell you some tips before going to KLIBF, you should really know why you have to go there at first place.


Almost EVERYTHING here is cheaper than their usual price. They give discount on everything. 

2. Hidden cheap gems.

Sometimes they would sell like old weird books for a really cheap price. It may go down untill RM2 or RM5. It may not much of a book but last time my friend do find quite an interesting one but i forget the title. I also get myself a short english novel for only rm5 and some children books for my younger sister.

3. Everything at one place.

This is really a good reason for those who hate to shop a lot and rajin enough to buy lots of books at on time. Not much like Big Bad Wolf (BBW), KLIBF got a complete categories of all books. You can find lots of reference books here also. Even for those university student from all sort of course. There is this booth where they sell Al Quran of all sizes. Not to mention books for children of all ages. They have it all!

4. Artist and writer appearance.

I don't care much about this. Haha.

OK. Do you want to go now? Here are some tips to make your trip worth it!

  1. Know what you want. You would buy more than you want but make sure you got what you want first. 
  2. Do some research on books that you might want. Especially for university students. Maybe you can plan for next semester course. I don't do this since as a Pharmacy student we got this Kamal Bookstore that sell lots of medical related books for a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper prices. 
  3. Check for the price. It really not because you didn't want to be cheated or stuff because publisher nowadays used to print the price directly on the cover. It is for budgetting
  4. Checks for available ebooks. If you like to read such way. Some books got free ebooks. Ask your friends. I got ebook of The Fault In Our Stars from my friend. Your friend can have a lot more.This will save MONEY so that you can buy more books.
  5. Bring a bagpack. It is a long journey and to be carrying plastic bags all the way there would be troublsome. Some even bring those small trolley here.
  6. Bring water. This is a big event. Some small vendor outside still sell for a slightly higher than normal price. The food in PWTC were sell by the fancy cafe of their own. Yup. Priceyy.
  7. Eat first. Don't get hungry in place selling pricey foods. You would make wrong decisions
  8. Get the floor plan. I try to find it before going but i couldn't found it. But they PIC there will give you the floor plan. Get familiar with the building. They have big lobby and hallway to put the booths plus some big hall to put some more.
  9. Survey first at all big book traders. i mean MPH Bookstore, PTS, Telaga Biru and stuff. If you willing to go all the way. It is really quite impossible to buy all the books from their exact publisher. Usually these book traders might even sell at a cheaper price. Sometimes the publisher of the book you want might didn't join KLIBF or didn't have any stock of the book you want. But these big traders always have it all. 
  10. Need to be remember that KLIBF wasn't for those who only want to find english novels. It is quite a surprise for me too. I only found the novels my sister asked for at MPH Bookstore booth. If you were only aiming for english novels, i really suggest you to go to BBW. Their discounts are crazy!
  11. Charge your phone to the fullest. Well, to call your frind when you have lost them is one thing but now we need your camera. Bring a camera if you have one. Don't bring a DSLR btw. It is convenient when you can't decide which books to buy. Or so that you didn't forget that book you saw before and don't really sure if you want it or not. I snap the cover of the book to help me remember why i was interested in it. Then i would give a hard thought of all those books and choose which i needed more. Don't jump on buying books though they say books is an investment. Investment or not you need to stick to what you can afford.
  12. Last but not least, do wear comfortable attire. You will be walking a lot so no need those heels. 

Thats it! Got some more tips? PLEASE comment and SHARE it with me. 

Till next time. Daa~

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