Roll On : Tasik Beris and Tasik Pedu

Aug 20, 2014

Last raya, taking advantage of having everyone at home, my decided to went for a trip. He want to see Tasik Pedu. It is a very large tasik meant as a dam. But we couldn't go into the place where the dam was located so we can only view the lake. Not like the Empangan Chenderoh one's that was hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and is open to be seen. From outside the gate of course.

You see, my dad like to see this sort of stuff and we kind of run out of ideas where to went when he ask us where would like to go afterwards. I was thinking somewhere into Perlis but since there is no specific and fun place that cross our mind or our search using Google, we headed back home the next day. 

quite "dried"

we simply park at the side of the road

the area was quite deserted

We spend the night at a homestay just behind Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris. Dad insisted a homestay so that we could cook for ourselves. Apparently, since this area was not so popular, everything were closed during the raya week so we have to cook anyway or else we will starve. That is how we ended up at Tasik Beris. 

The place was nice but it is not really a homestay. It is something like a resort where the have area where you can cook complete with everything you would need to use to cook. Though it state homestay and resort. I forgot the name. argh.

The room was quite spacious. 2 single bed and 1 queen bed complete with an air cond. But it cost about RM200 if i'm not mistaken. Rather expensive for somewhere that deserted.

Outside the room there is this sort of dining place with a roof on top. There is a tv with Astro there. 

But the view was breath-taking. i didn't notice it cause i was busying chasing the time to take a bath and cook and blablabla. It is so ashamed that i couldn't get a picture. Some sort of glitched happen to my phone and only when i restarted it, it start to work like normal. But by that time we have left the place. 

We were located beautifully by the lake and can even see the bridge from there. The owner also took effort to grow small yellow flowered grass that look so refreshing in the morning. There is a small garden also. It would be such a lovely spot to enjoy our breakfast but we decided to eat out since we are going out of the area and would then finally find a decent restaurant to eat.

To top that off, after i restarted the phone then it shows that my phone is low in battery.  We went to Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris after that. The place was rather fancy with all the decorations and stuff. But is was all the way at the other end of kedah. did it get much visitors? 

anyway, i love the place. the decoration make it such a lovely spot to hang out and relax. it even have a cafe with cakes! but we went quite early even the fountain aren't switch on yet.

Sorry for lacking much in information. Overall the trip was pleasant and the views were great.


  1. afifah, adik awk pakai baju pharmacy~ patut macam kenal je baju tu~~

    1. baju tu look so nice on him. it makes me feel fat. tp sbnrny dia agak tinggiiii.