Roll On : Good times Bad times

Apr 24, 2016

In my case, bad memories is stubborn. Like those stupid small yet very obvious stain on your favourite t-shirt. Those that you can't remove that you start questioned yourself why the heck these things happen to your petty little life.

Bad memories hurts long way. I don't know why, I personally need a very long time. Yet, nope, nada, na-ah. Time does not heal. But sometime along the way, something would rise up and be the antidote that you need. But damn, in the mean time, I tend to still get hurt on remembering it. It sucks so bad.

I learned that to forgive yourself is like the ultimate key. To accept, to make peace, to learn from mistakes, to be that person that fight against these bad memories are gem and diamond. The Queen freaking crown. I desperately need it..

I am truly at lost here. Good memories were not fair. They were so joyful to create. But short lived, lower impact.

I think i'm gettin my period. I'm too moody. My period schedule has gone crazy.

Looking at emptied plates after a satisfying meal is fun.

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